Compile with UCC/ Create *.ucl file

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Grum Ba Sharek

FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 16, 2008
Hello Community and Greetz from Germany.

I have an Problem by create an *.ucl file
The Problem is an result of the problem while using 2 mutators (RO:CA Hud, ROHudPackage)

I have made now an script which includes the function of the one and the function of the other mutator.

I have used UCC while using the dos promt
UCC makes me an *.u file
But now is the question, how i can make a *.uc and *.int file :confused:

I have checked out
But it doesnt work. UCC says that all is ok, but where ist the file ?

Can help me someone to create the *ucl and *.int file ?

Thank you !
Greetz Grum


Data Hippo... in the pants
Nov 21, 2005
Santa Fe, NM
UCC.exe dumpint
Syntax: ucc dumpint <file.ext> [file.ext...]

UCC.exe exportcache
ucc.exe: UnrealOS execution environment
Copyright 2001 Epic Games Inc

ucc exportcache [-a] [-y] [-v] <package.ext> [package.ext...] [destfilename.ucl]

-a Update matching entries in destfilename.ucl. Append any new entries.
-y Automatically answer 'Yes' to any prompts during the operation.
-v Verbose output (to ucc.log)
package.ext Space delimited list of packages (including extension) thatshould be exported. Wildcards are supported. Paths are not required.
destfilename.ucl Destination file for exported entries. Default filename isthe name of the package being exported. To export multiple packages to a single .ucl file, you must specify a destination filename.

Grum Ba Sharek

FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 16, 2008
Ok Thx i will do. This week i look what can i do, and then i send you the Mutator Zetsumei =)

BTW The 08-15-Clan works on an Realism Server. I will told more if we have finished this project. We look on, that all which interested be involved by forumposts new ideas and so on in th server/Mutator configuration.

Sorry for my bad English, and the doppelpost in the coding forum, which are the same like this.
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