Competitive Scene

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Oct 26, 2006
Having enjoyed many years playing Red Orchestra, I would ask if there any plans for a League or Ladder to be created?

It is very unfortunate that RO Ladder has finally closed; as a direct result of not having either support from Tripwire and/or the state of the game, but RO Ladder has been the only place to play competitive matches.

One of the many goals of Tripwire for RO2, was to develop the competitive scene and I recall Tripwire inviting Pro-Clans to early Beta games to promote their new venture.

Almost six months after game release, we have no competitive scene at all.

This is neither a bashing thread nor a comment on the actual game but I am asking for any information that will promote matchplay for clans.

Ever since the launch of the original mod., RO Ladder has promoted the game and actively involved themselves with competition. For Europe, there was nowhere else to play. I do know that there were other Leagues/Ladders but these did not have the longevity or competition of RO Ladder.

So, RO Ladder has closed.

Is there any reason why we, i.e. Clan's, should continue to play this game?

Forget public-play, this is not an option for competitive gaming. RO was always based on teamwork and this is clearly demonstrated when playing on a public server.



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Nov 21, 2005
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I can't believe what has happened to our clan scene.
RO2 Promised to bring us the new clans and activity we all hoped for in the earlier days.

I really enjoy playing RO2 on public, but there is a BIG hole without clan play.
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Mar 12, 2011
IF SOMETIME you visit the LADDER forum maybe all know thi is in the hair.

But past is past, I think there are 3 street,

1- Clan pass from Roladder to Clanbase.
2- Clan Create a new forum for challenge.
3- Ro2 Clan die and game die because no competition = Clan player change game (and clan member is around 25% i think)
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