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KF Community/Fan/Modder's update pass 1065?

Community/Fan/Modder's update pass 1065?

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Mar 5, 2014
Perth, WA
Hi, I'm not sure if this has already been discussed before(however I haven't across something like this before in my relatively short and quick search), but seeing how Tripwire has mostly abandoned Killing Floor 1 (KF1) now that Killing Floor 2 (KF2) is out and that I recall somewhere on steam one of the devs said they will only update if there is demand for it(and I somewhat doubt this), I was wondering if we could get together a petition so that we ourselves could patch updates through instead of going to Tripwire (TW) who obviously are too busy to do anything about KF1, unless it's really important or there's enough demand for it. As you know by now, there are some players who still swear by KF1 despite KF2 being already out for various reasons, ie my computer is not strong enough to play KF2 smoothly or not at all(as was the case with my old laptop....), or KF2 still feels not ready to be considered a sequel yet so I will continue to play KF1 instead, or boycotting it for other various reasons.

I was thinking that we could add CFM after the patch update number, for example 1066CFM to state that's a community, fan and modder's patch to the game to differentiate it from the official patches and if they do make a patch say after a patch we put through, then it would be 1067 and without the CFM tag of course.

There are still many underlying bugs and glitches still present that needs to be addressed and various other updates that was *supposed* to happen but never (and most likely will not)did *stares at Toy Master final version mod* - yes the author has already submitted it to TW a very long while ago, but they've yet to push it through... Another reason as to why I would like an update is to update the mutator's (and game modes if any apply) whitelist or at least remove it completely like you did to the maps so that we won't bother you anymore about it! :p I'm sure there are plenty of muts that are not game breaking yet still suitable for whitelisting.

With that said, how many of you say yes to something like this? If no one, ok I see then it's just only my wishful thinking and also embarrassing myself(but hey at least I finally got out and spoke my mind, right?), despite me seeing plenty of other players on various servers through the world who still seem to play this good old game....

Obviously if anyone agrees, we would need someone who can fix these various bugs and glitches and then give us the patches and we as a community push it through - I'm not that guy as that requires coding knowledge I would guess and yeah...I can point out possible causes or bugs/glitches(such as the downloading of files when joining modded/custom servers, sometimes it goes - very slowly I might add, 0.1% every two seconds and if you are lucky, it reaches to 100% after half an hr or however long it takes you to finally download whatever file it was it tired to get for you and then goes on to the next file or if there are not more files, finally connects you to the game; if you're not lucky, then it goes pass 100% and goes to 100.1%, 100.2%, etc,. and never ends as far as I know. The other one is speedy version of this, it acts as if the redirect server is working, but goes pass 100% and if you leave it long enough, it will get you to 500% before you know it and that's as far as I got to before shutting the game down. hahaha), but I won't be able to fix it though...

There's probably more bugs and glitches, but those two are the only ones I had from the top of my head, I can go and note down some more if I come across anymore. Oh right now I remember, there's another one consisting of the Seal Squeal Harpoon Bomber thing, when you fire the gun, the explosion damage only happens mostly where the zed was struct and not where it is now after you stuck the explosive onto them. For example when you same a raging Scrake is 20 metres away from you and you managed to hit it with one of these, when the bombs do explode, the core damage is only where the Scrake was 20m ago and not at where are you being minced with it's chainsaw in rage. So effectively, this weapon is only effective if you detonate the explosive as soon as it hit and if that's the case, may as well use the M79 or M32 for that....

Oh here's another, when you weld a door and then quickly move the camera to another player who's either right near you or is also helping weld the door, he gets hit with the weld damage.

Zeds sometimes get stuck in various places, but I guess this would be the map author's problem to deal with....but I've seen some still happen on the official maps. For example, in KFO-Frightyard, 3rd objective where you need to let 10 Bloats through the pool, some zeds get stuck up at the top near the 2nd obective where you stand on the platform to move the thing that moves the thing(I don't know what either are called lol) so that you can get to the next area. KF-Aperture, if you camp in one of the rooms where the only entrance for zeds to come through is the front and you have an escape route to the left if holding in the room fails, the zeds sometiems get stuck in the next room to the right of this room and the stairs too. There's probably more but that's all I've notice so far in my head that I remember of.

There's sometimes a bug where you spawn as Sharpshooter or any other perk, but you get some other perk's icon instead and when you get to the trader's menu, you get the other icon's perk weapons, instead of the perk weapons you are and want to get. And sometimes you spawn right in without your perk's respective starter gear. For example if you wanted to play as Sharpy lvl 6 on KF-Farm, as soon as the wave ends, you instant spawn in without your crossbow.

Here's another, I'm not sure if it's been fixed or not but I haven't encountered it yet again so I guess it's fixed or I've just been lucky: Sometimes you spawn in with lvl 0 on any and all perks you have regardless what lvl they were. This can good or bad depending on the situtation. It's good if you'e just having fun and mucking about I guess and want to re-learn the ropes from ground up again and it's bad if you started on a HOE game as lvl 0; I suppose if you've already been practicing lvl 0 on HOE games, then this shouldn't be much of a worry for you but for some of us who are used to the strengths of lvl 6s will take a hit since they will assume a LAR will still stun a Scrake with headshot, but nope. I haven't practiced much lvl 0 on HOE games either so I don't know everything and how you would go about surviving a HOE game as a lvl 0 anything!

And of course there are more but I'm gonna save my time here and make this not look like an essay....hahahaha

So anyways, what say you? Of course we would need a TW member to approve this(or else this was for nothing as we have no way to push updates even if we get the bugs and glitches fixed) so all they have to do is wait for our patch and then they patch it through no questions asked(so they no longer need to wait and analyze the situation/patch and then say yes this can and go and no this can't because we've already done that for them) - unless they can give us the option to do it ourselves and someone trustworthy and active will have to do it.
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