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Level Design Community Custom Gun/Vehicle Thread


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Feb 17, 2006
This thread is dedicated to organizing, informing, and coordinating the RO community's custom /Factory guns and vehicles. Prompted by the development going on at After-Hourz, we want to establish a single thread to release the latest versions, inform mappers on how to implement them, and to point the community to model specific threads to collect community input and share ideas etc.

There are a few ground rules that we would like to start with and welcome discussion on additons or modifications to them. These ground rules initially apply to After-Hourz developed material but should be in the best interest of the community to limit the number of variants and modified/hijacked files that are sure to arise.

We respectfully request:
- All proper credit be given to the creators including the model maker, coder, skin artist, and others involved in creating the model.
- That no one for any reason alter the base code on their own. We hope to establish a base line code for anti-tank guns. This will allow the community to have one common set of attributes to expand on. Teuflehund (Devildog) will elaborate on this as this is his area of expertise.
- If you wish to alter any facet of anyone's model, regardless of creator, ask permission first but most importantly, DO IT VIA MUTATOR if possible. Do not set out to alter code or the model itself as a 'variant' within the same framework.
- If you want to make a variant, create a unique model and set of code. Establish a clean line of decent for each version.

- Please refrain from posting generic commentary in this thread.

Since we at After-Hourz are not a 'mod' team, we will be releasing various content as it is ready. As we may be working with some mod groups going forward, they will determine when the joint-content is released unless it is something that After-Hourz is developing from concept and sharing with the mod group(s).

The ultimate objective is to create a repository of models, vehicles, and guns that can be used by the community with as little deviation from the norm as possible. This will reduce the number of versions in circulation, make a mapper's and server admin's job a lot easier, and generally lead to a healthier environment for everyone.

- Updates will be posted in this post of the thread.
- We will establish a basic format for all of our material releases.
- Each new model released by AHz.com will be highlighted here and a link pointed to a model specific thread where the community can comment. As other mod groups or individuals develop full-functioning, release-ready material, I encourage you to post in a similar format in this thread.

(Feb. 21, 2007)
The 'final' M1937 AT gun will be posted shortly.


To use the beta1 M1937:
(will be posted soon as 'final' version)

April 4, 2007: UPDATED instructions on using this and ALL upcoming ROGun models...

After locating the files in your cache or downloading the package, you need to get the files into the appropriate directories: Animations; Textures; StaticMesh; System; etc.

1. Open the Actor Browser
2. Open Package/AHZ_ROGuns
3. Browse down to SVehicleFactory
4. Expand ^; Open ROVehicleFactory
5. Highlight M1937Factory
6. Place in your map
7. Under M1937Factory: Check the flags for bUseRandomizer
8. Under ROVehicleFactory: Check your settings for respawn, usespawns, and respawn limits etc.

That should have you up and running. Remember, only Russian INFANTRY can use the gun.

Also, when you place the gun, you want about 100 to 150 units of clear space around the gun, if possible to allow for clean dismount. Test your gun when you place it for dismount. Any other questions, just ask!
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