Commander Ability To Manage His/Her Squad Leaders

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 28, 2018

Sadly the chain of command is not respected in this game in it's current form. The Commander is treated like any other class, where the Commander is not able to choose his/her squad leaders. So, the Commander in the game can waste all his/her voice but the Squad Leaders are either don't understand English or his/her language or are trolling (unworthy of being Squad leaders in the first place).

While playing as commander in this game. Sadly I face it every time where some squads are lead by newbies or/and people who doesn't speak or understand English (Or any language of the TL) or by people who does not respect the chain of command. So how is the Team Leader going to be able to lead the battle as he/she should?!

I Suggest that the TL to be able to choose his "Government" embodied in his/her Squad Leaders. A Commander should be able to choose his/her SLs whom the commander can trust and communicate with. The Commander should be empowered by that, as a TL he/she must be the higher authority in the team thus it's a natural thing for the TL to be able to choose SLs. That should help the TL maintain discipline and effectiveness and empower him/her to lead the team to victory, AS HE/SHE CAN CHOOSE THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! And that should enforce the respect of the chain of command.

How it should work:
It can be done by many ways, but I think it's done best from the "Score Board" the TL should be able to see all current SLs and their rank as well as all the rest of the team. That should help the Commander to select the SLs of his/her choice.

Note: The Squad leaders can manage their squad by inviting and kicking. So, the Commander should be granted the same level of management of the team.

What do you think about it? please share your thoughts.