Combined arms spawns

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 22, 2006
Ok Why is it the combined arms maps the tanks and infantry spawn in diffrent spots? Realisticly the infantry and tanks would work together and travel together and support eachother. But on most of the maps they spawn in diffrent locations so they are always split up.

I would love to see tanks spawning with the infantry or right next to it and tankers learning to travel slow enough for infantry to stay with them. While infantry learn to support and protect the tanks and vice versa.

Seems most combined arms maps most players focus on one part of the fight or the other. infantry focus on other infantry and tanks focus on other tanks. Maps like konigsplats or whatever thats called the tankers can make or break the game if they are protected by infantry. You get a couple infantry around the tank just keeping the anti tank solders away and that tank can have 2 machine guns firing almost nonstop just wiping out the infantry on the other team. But... the tanks dont spawn near the infantry and they tend to stay away from infantry fights because of how easy it is for tanks to be blown up by panzerfausts or satchels.

I would like to see some sort of bonus givin to infantry for defending tanks. Maybe a extra point or two givin to them when they kill someone with a panzerfaust or satchel or ptrd within 50 feet or so of a tank. Not a big bonus just a little incentive for infantry to defend a tank.

So anyone else think the seperate spawns are taking away from the realism of the combined arms maps?

Gomer Pyle

FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 11, 2005
Upstate New York, USA
Sometimes I feel that way, sometimes I don't. I like to be near the tanks when spawning as infantry but I don't like sharing the same spawn. Arad seems to work well because tanks and infantry are close but not too close. Ogledow is OK but I sometimes have to really duck and dodge to keep from getting run over by those lumbering steel turtles.

I suppose I should protect tanks more than I do but it can be hard on most maps. The tanks usually like to set up far from good infantry cover and I feel very exposed and vulnerable out there. It also places me a long way from resupply points.

So...I guess I agree with you. I don't like spawning too far away from the tanks.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 24, 2006
I agree that infantry players should work with tank players more, but I don't think a score bonus is going to do the trick, since most players couldn't care less about their score. I think we'll have to wait until the game implements some kind of squad and fire team system, and then the commander could assign a fire team to defend a tank from infantry attacks.

And yeah, getting run over by a friendly tank right by your spawn is no fun.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 11, 2006
I think it is fine as it is now, it keeps the game balanced. This is easy to see on Konigsplatz for example, where the infantry spawns move forward, but the tank spawn doesn't. If the tanks spawned with the infantry then the tanks would be closer and too overpowering, and also many of the infantry spawns are unsuitable for tanks (i.e. too bumpy).

Unfortunately, there isn't too much you can put into the game itself to encourage people to work as a team on pub servers. That goes down to the players, sometimes just two or three guys with mics can organise the team and turn the match around.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 19, 2006
I agree to some point, but have anyone of you been playing "combatmission 3"?

I open maps I usually push forward with the infantry first, to scout the forward terrain, while keeping my armour hidden from the enemy.
Reason for this is that infantry is more stealthy. and moving the tanks first endagers them for a) minefields b) panzerfausts c) magnetic stickie mines etc

Once the infantry has connected with an enemy posision, I try to move the tanks around at the back and flanking the enemy to get their side armour, or side of their trenches. I can set up fierce covering fire with a tank at 500m helping my infantry advancing.
So this is one reason for the tanks to spawn back.

The only reason for staying close with the tanks is when moving in villages and "tight areas" where the tanks cannot be used at a distance.
In this case, the infantry is the Tanks babysitters (see saving private ryan (the last battle) and Band of brothers.

The best way to archive a cooperation between tanks and infatry, is to add extra supression effects where covering fire would be effective.
In this way, infatnry can pin down PAnzerfaust teams, and the tanks would have ALOT more effective suppression role.