Co-op Unplayable for INVITEE

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 1, 2018
Enjoying this game it is amazing! BUT BIG PROBLEM!!
Whoever has HOST has free motion and smooth turning and the game is as clean as it can be. BUT whoever joins into the party has NO SMOOTH TURNING and it turns into a choppy unplayable buggy mess. Why is this? Only one person gets an amazing experience while the other has to bug out. PLEASE RESPOND
Thank you

Mark Dale

FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 30, 2018
Hi, I'm just bought the game for psvr and I'm experiencing this issue. The setting for smooth turning disappears for the invited player in a co-op game but it is still there for the host. Is there any chance there is a patch on its way for this?? Many thanks, Mark


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 24, 2018

First of all i would like to thank you for an awsome game! I think you've done an really good job on this VR experience!

But i've experiencing the same issue as Barkionbeast and some friends of mine.

We are playing on PS4Pro PSVR.

The host has no issues in the co-op mode. Everything runs smooth and works fine.

But for the joined player.

-Smooth turning is disabled, and forced to snapturning.
-Player character moves like it's low FPS or very small but frequent lags.

Tried alot of times changing options, network settings. Changing host/joined player.

We are running at full speed 100/100mbit internet connection in Sweden. Never any issues in other co-op vr games or any game.

But here the problem is constant.

We have managed to co-op thru the whole game but for the joined player it's a frustrating experience when the host is having a blast with his smooth running and awsome experience.

We are hoping for a patch that will fix this problem so that we can replay it when both players can enjoy the game and spend alot of hours in horde mode.

(Also my friend is left-handed and really wants a full left hand swap of controls when changing dominant hand setting)

Thank you. Marcus



FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 29, 2018
Kittenmittens;n2312142 said:
What platform are you experiencing this on?

Devs please reply / fix! The internet is full of PSVR users having this experience-hindering issue! :)