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Closed Beta 7 Change Log


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Oct 10, 2005
The following is the changelog for Beta Wave 7 which starts later today:

New Additions

  • 21:9 Ultrawide support has been added
  • Napalm now destroys squad tunnels

  • Steam achievements have been added. Collect them all! (Please note: Steam achievements will be reset prior to the official game launch)

  • Added a resupply area to the Firing Range map

  • Added a placement preview outline to the M18 Claymore, making it easier to plant on the ground

Major Changes

Voice Overs
  • A wide variety of voice overs have been updated. Voice intensity amongst other edits will make for a more realistic and engaging experience. Many thanks to our beta testing community for all provided feedback

Collision Passes:
  • All the maps in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam have undergone extensive collision passes to improve your experience with the game. Movement should be significantly smoother, and players should encounter fewer hitches and no areas in which they can become permanently stuck.

General Changes & Updates

Game Startup
  • Optimizations have been made which will make for a faster game launch experience

  • Adjusted default overhead map zoom level to increase usability of overhead map. The map can still be zoomed in and out by using the mouse wheel
  • Replaced "Jungle Stealth" indicator icon with a full-screen vignette, which indicates when Northern Forces are hidden from recon abilities
  • Made it significantly easier for pilots and passengers to enter helicopters
  • The "Framerate Smoothing" option has been set to "off" by default. This can be re-enabled in the graphics settings menu under the advanced tab. To change this and other settings, you must first choose "custom" under the quality level option
  • It is now easier to pick up dropped or discarded weapons
  • Changed the default spectator camera to a locked third person view
  • Changed the way "switching sides" works so that it no longer automatically spawns players as a grunt or guerrilla at the start of a new round
  • Increased the score limit on Supremacy game mode following community feedback that rounds ended too quickly
  • Reduced weapon lag introduced by leaning and reduced the time it takes to lean
  • Added Squad Leader point rewards for kill assists for artillery kills on markers they placed, when squad members use their squad deployment abilities
  • Added new animations for climbing North-only "ladders" (vines and drain pipes)
  • Adjustments made to "out-of-bounds" volumes. The volumes will now better handle helicopters and infantry detection
  • Tweaked the reloading speed of the RPG-7

  • Additional balance changes to Hue City:
    • Objectives A and B can no longer be recaptured after the U.S. capture them
    • Objective C now has an additional trench approach.
    • Spawn protection has been extended to include balconies, once objectives A and B have been captured
  • Additional balance changes to Cu Chi:
    • Initial NLF spawns moved further from Objective A
    • More roof access has been granted to the U.S. near the U.S. spawn location
    • Redesigned the Rice Farm objective based on community feedback
  • The helicopter training map has been updated to use a custom version of An Lao Valley
  • Alterations and improvements to LUTs on Hill 937, An Lao Valley, and Compound
  • Improved lighting for atmosphere/playability in the Rubber Factory on Cu Chi
  • Finalized lighting and atmospherics across all maps
  • General map optimization for both art and physics
  • Additional visual polish added to all maps
  • Added reverb effects to drain tunnels in Cu Chi
  • Improved the appearance of distant terrain and non-playable areas of VNSU-SongBe

  • Remade M1911 with period-accurate grip and parkerized finish
  • Updated weapons shaders to ensure that all weapons in the game use uniform shader setup
  • Increased the M16A1's performance at range
  • Sped up bipod folding/unfolding for the RPD, M60, and DP28
  • Sped up AK stock fold and unfold
  • New textures, third person models, and material optimizations for the RPG-7
  • Texture improvements for the M3 Grease Gun

  • Added a thank you "born to test" beta tester helmet DLC
  • Various "Digital Deluxe Edition" items have added
  • Significantly optimized all particle effects in the game
  • Improved collision with squad tunnels
  • Added a new US head and requisite character customization hookup
  • Added additional environment decals to various maps
  • All overhead maps have been updated to match map changes
  • Added a Chinese XD-6 radio system to replace RO2 radios

  • Removed the auto-spawn checkbox. Players now have to "ready up" from the spawn menu
  • Removed outdated RS2 splash screen from game launch
  • Added new map-specific loading screens
  • Added various clickable menu buttons which will direct players to official RS2: Vietnam forum and social outlets
  • Helicopter resupply icons have been updated to make it clearer when players need to land to receive repairs/resupply
  • New overhead map images for training maps have been added
  • New thumbnails and descriptive text have been added to the Tutorial Menu
  • Updated TT-33 Ammo Icon
  • Added a prompt when players select the Radioman class, informing them of their responsibilities and function on the battlefield
  • Refinements to the after action report which include - reduced vignette opacity, and "most effective squad" call-out
  • Added a circular progress bar to bandaging, making it clearer how long players must hold the button for the action to complete
  • Added a circular progress bar to tunnel destruction, making it clearer how long players must hold the button for the action to complete
  • Added a "no primaries in tunnels" icon to inform US forces when they are approaching an area where primary weapons are prohibited
  • New Ammo Icon for PPSh
  • New Ammo Icon for DP28
  • All map preview images have been updated for each map
  • Various adjustments to the "first-launch" screen
  • Moved "player has entered/left server" messaging to the top-left of the HUD. (Please note: this currently has readability issues because of the beta watermark)
  • Refinements to the in-game tips system. Tooltips will no longer spam the player, they are more readable, they no longer go extend beyond the HUD, and various grammatical and spelling errors have been resolved
  • Added kill icon for being crushed by falling support vehicles
  • Added kill icon for Vietnamese MAT-49 variant

  • Adjusted distances and blending for 3rd person gunshots
  • Added impact sounds for bullets on helicopter to make it more obvious when you've been hit
  • Made it easier to hear VO while inside a helicopter
  • Updated the "bayonet impact" sound to be more ‘meaty
  • Bullet "crack"s and "pops" now attenuate within a radius around the bullet
  • Added a sound effect notifying other players when they have received ammo from another player
  • Updated weapon melee sound
  • Updated the SAM explosion sound to make it louder and match the level of the SAM travelling sound
  • Added VO lines for marking invalid artillery targets
  • Added VO lines for cancelling artillery
  • Increased the volume differences between footstep sounds at different speeds
  • Added appropriate environmental audio to rivers, streams, and fires across all maps
  • Increased the volume of breathing sound effects
  • Added audio for changing weapon fire mode
  • Updated DP28, grenade and flamethrower sound effects
  • Added ambient audio and sounds to the helicopter training and shooting range maps

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when leaving the server on training maps
  • Fixed a server crash when a server was set to ranked
  • Fixed a crash caused by explosions on BSP (binary space partition)
  • Fixed a "runaway loop" crash
  • Added a failsafe to server travel, making it harder to accidentally break or crash servers by switching to incorrect or nonexistent map names
  • Fixed a common crash caused by a rendering thread exception
  • Fixed a rendering thread crash which occurred on client disconnect

  • Prone stuttering issues have been eliminated on all maps. Please report if you still experience this issue
  • Fixed an issue where players would "stutter" when moving down steep inclines
  • Stopped players being able to move by changing class during round start screen
  • Tunnels now instantly vanish from the map after they are destroyed
  • Resolved an issue where players could endlessly plant C4
  • Weapon sway is no longer tied to performance/FPS
  • Fixed various issues with vote systems - role, map, and kick votes now work as expected
  • Fixed an issue where skirmish maps would not show as an option during map voting
  • Fixed an issue where the Helicopter damage paperdoll would not accurately represent damage
  • Fixed an issue where bandaging a second time would not stop the player from bleeding
  • Fixed an issue where tree canopy volumes would break, then instantly repair helicopter rotor blades, and the resulting log spam
  • Fixed Aerial Recon de-spawning before impacting with the ground when shot down
  • Fixed a bug where Squad Leader artillery markers would not update on the overhead map until the commander placed an artillery marker
  • Fixed an issue where player locations would not update to the correct position on the overhead map
  • Fixed an issue where unarmed M79 rounds would fail to collide with or damage players
  • Fixed an issue where the aim on the Cobra's 20mm gun was misaligned
  • Fixed an issue where landing in the combat zone without a helicopter on the helicopter training map would strand the player with no way of returning to the air base
  • Fixed various issues with mantling taking too long, or failing in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where players would survive "clearly un-survivable" high-speed collisions and crashes in helicopters
  • Fixed an issue where bleeding reduction while bandaging was not working correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the character customization camera would display incorrectly at wider resolutions
  • Fixed an issue where a bot would join to replace a player leaving a server
  • Fixed an issue where spawn protection "grandfathering" would not work correctly
  • Fixed an issue/exploit where aerial recon spawned in before the radio responds to player input (
  • Fixed an issue where player stats were being logged against another class, when changing the class
  • Fixed a player stats issue where various statistics would not update as expected
  • Fixed an issue where team killing would result in automatic kicks in 100% of cases
  • Fixed various issues with deployed bipods on LMGs, including random camera teleports and syncing issues
  • Fixed an issue where the RPD's MOA could climb much higher than intended
  • Fixed an issue where the tripwire trap would not apply enough damage
  • LMGs no longer act as deployed if the player is prone and the bipod is folded
  • Fixed an issue with the DShK where damage caused by rounds was not matching expected values
  • Fixed an issue where commanders were being inadvertently kicked for friendly-fire artillery damage
  • Fixed an issue where helicopters would stop detecting the ground and fall out of the air for no apparent reason

  • Significantly improved collision on maps and fixed a variety of "stuck in a location" and "falling through the world" bugs on all maps
  • Fixed instances of "floating" art across all maps
  • Fixed collision issues with environment art across all maps
  • Fixed various "visible hole through world" bugs across all maps
  • Added missing "tunnel entrance" markers for tactical view
  • Replaced incorrect DShK spawn actors on various maps
  • Fixed an issue on Hue City where players were unable to use vine ladders to access the rooftop of objective E
  • Fixed a lighting issue on An Lao Valley which caused character lighting to appear pitch black in certain areas
  • Fixed an issue on Cu Chi where shadows above ground were cast into tunnel
  • Fixed an issue on Song Be where players could not move through a tunnel
  • Fixed an issue where sprinting uphill in tunnels in Song Be would cause the camera to bounce around
  • Fixed various exploits where the player could mantle or climb out of bounds and reach areas intended to be out of bounds
  • Fixed an issue where movement on ladders would interfere with terrain on Cu Chi
  • Fixed an issue on An Lao Valley where water volumes extended above the surface of the water and could slow down players' movement
  • Fixed an issue where dynamic shadows were not being cast in an area of An Lao Valley
  • Fixed an issue where a round timer would appear incorrectly while playing the helicopter training and firing range maps
  • Fixed an issue on Hill 937 where the unevenness of the helicopter base terrain would cause issues with helicopters
  • Fixed an issue where players encountered an out-of-bounds area between the helicopter base and the main play area on Hill 937
  • Fixed various texture "z-fighting" issues across all maps
  • Fixed various issues where players could mantle out of bounds across all maps
  • Added "no artillery target" volumes Hue City
  • Players can no longer walk on barbed wire
  • Fixed an issue where being killed inside a bunker on Hill 937 would cause players' bodies to be projected into the ceiling

  • Fixed an issue where the announcer referred to "Objective Bravo" as "Objective Beta"
  • Hooked up various missing VO lines
  • Fixed an issue where Voice Chat was inaudible when the game was played at maximum volume
  • Players now scream when taking fire damage
  • Reverb is now affected by the volume slider in settings
  • Fixed an issue where weapon firing sounds could be heard across the map, regardless of distance
  • Fixed an issue which caused weapon pickup sounds to be heard everywhere on the map
  • Fixed an issue where the "rotors have taken damage" VO clip had no cooldown
  • Fixed an issue where the Cobra M195 chaingun used M129 impact sounds
  • Fixed an issue where automatic weapons would seem to "pop in" when first fired
  • Fixed a bug where non-commander roles could hear announcer and radio response cues when the commander used the radio
  • Fixed a bug where the announcer VO for the Spooky Gunship cut off early
  • Fixed an issue with Northern Forces' VO where a the response for requesting Scout Recon overlapped the request dialogue
  • Fixed an issue where the first person RPD reload animation was missing some sounds
  • Fixed an issue where digging a tunnel would play the incorrect sound when viewed by other players
  • Fixed an issue where the Huey M60-D's firing sound could get stuck and loop infinitely
  • Fixed an issue where "re-arm and re-supply" sounds would loop on helipads infinitely
  • Fixed an issue where grenade impact sounds did not play when landing on flat surfaces
  • Fixed an issue where the North Forces' radio VO proximity played over a wider radius than the South Forces'
  • Fixed an issue where no announcer VO would play when using commander abilities
  • Fixed an issue on An Lao Valley where there was no sound playing at the Helicopter Base
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect voices played if the player changed player model during a match
  • Fixed an issue where the Huey M60-D was playing incorrect sounds
  • Added various missing VO lines for certain support requests from the communication widgets
  • Fixed an issue with Pilot VO where both pilot and infantry lines would play
  • Fixed an issue where various radio requests and response lines would overlap
  • Fixed an issue where the Aerial Recon response VO's second line would interrupt the first
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect cue would play when activating the Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • Fixed an issue where climbing Vine and Drainpipe ladders would have no sound cues
  • Fixed various issues with SAM audio
  • Fixed an issue where reverb on sound effects did not reset when leaving a tunnel or bunker on Hill 937
  • Fixed an issue where the TT-33 used an incorrect firing sound effect
  • Fixed an issue where menu music played over loading screens
  • Fixed a bug where the M60 and M16A1 could not be heard at range
  • Fixed an issue where the DShK called a non-looping firing sound

  • Fixed many physical material errors with various art assets - items should now react as expected when shot/walked over/etc
  • Adjustments to art assets whose RGB values had been broken since the DX11 update
  • Various collision improvements to sets of assets including residential walls, damaged roofs
  • Fixed an issue where the M1911 would attract high levels of bloom
  • Fixed helicopter gibs/debris using incorrect collision models
  • Fixed various lighting anomalies on trench meshes
  • Fixed various missing vertex paint across all maps
  • Fixed an issue where the pick mattock would be holstered on the primary weapon slot on the third person player model
  • Fixed lightmaps on art across all maps
  • Fixed various holes being visible on environment art
  • Fixed an issue where players would stand up before first person reload animations for LMGs were complete
  • Fixed an animation issue where crouching while using the DShK would cause strange movement
  • Fixed an issue where third person digging animations would not play with the pick mattock
  • Fixed an issue where weapon animations for planting traps would not stop if the action was interrupted
  • Fixed an issue where the player's feet would behave strangely while running up inclines
  • Fixed helicopter "wash" effects appearing when in mid-air
  • Fixed an issue where suspenders on gear meshes would clip with characters' bodies on the character customization screen
  • Fixed an IK misalignment on helicopters which would cause helicopter pilots to appear to be holding onto nothing rather than their controls
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes punji traps' textures would display incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where players' skin would become transparent while using a DShK
  • Fixed an issue where the MAT-49 7.62 variant would not eject shells when fired
  • Fixed an issue where characters planting tripwire traps would not play the correct animation in third person view
  • Fixed an issue where the Lobby Menu appeared on the background of the character customization menu
  • Fixed an issue where customizing a character in offline servers would distort the character model
  • Fixed an issue with the SVD where the third person weapon animations were out of sync with the action being performed
  • Fixed a clipping issue with third person aiming-down-sights rifle animations
  • Fixed an issue where the SVD would eject shells in the wrong direction
  • Fixed a real-world accuracy issue with the MAT-49's firing and reload animations based on community feedback
  • Fixed an issue where helicopters would appear at low-detail upon entry and then "pop" into full detail
  • Fixed issues with barrage and artillery audio calling too many sounds
  • Fixed an issue where fading between LODs would not work and assets would instead "pop" between LODs

  • Fixed a bug where on team select players always displayed as being Level 100
  • Fixed/rewrote various tips throughout the game for spelling/accuracy
  • Fixed issues which would prevent tips from being properly displayed
  • Fixed an issue where the server browser displayed incorrect text
  • Fixed an issue where pressing spacebar on the first-launch screen would bring up an "exit/cancel" overlay which was not clickable
  • Fixed incorrect naming of the IZH-43 to the IZH-58
  • Fixed an issue where the AKM did not have an icon for magazine count
  • Fixed an issue where chat would overlap the helicopter paperdoll/damage indicator
  • Fixed an issue where the Squad Leader info message would interfere with the Role Screen Layout tip screen
  • Fixed various issues with messaging that the player is bleeding being redundant or repetitive
  • Fixed an issue where the in-game tip widget would continue to appear when tips were disabled
  • Fixed an issue where the UI would disappear if the game started while selecting a role
  • Fixed an issue where changing a weapon while the tip widget was on-screen would cause it to display incorrectly
  • Fixed some hints having no text when the widget is called
  • Fixed an issue where "legacy" game modes from RO2/RS1 were being listed in server filters
  • Fixed an issue where the squad leader icon would not appear on the tactical view
  • Fixed an issue where all text would be selected if the player pressed "space" when renaming their squad
  • Weapon variant names now display the correct variant when a weapon is picked up
  • Fixed an issue where menu items could be clicked on when hidden behind popup dialogue boxes
  • Fixed a UI scene post processing effect for semi-transparent menus
  • Fixed an issue where the squad list on the role select menu would extend below the bounds of the scroll bar

Studio Credits
  • Fixed an issue where credits would cut off mid-loop and stutter
  • The Credits section has been updated for Tripwire Interactive & Antimatter Games
  • Various updates to legal text etc.

Miscellaneous Fixes & Updates
  • Player Stats are now saved more frequently, meaning that unexpected disconnects etc do not lose any player progress
  • All servers are now ranked unless running a mod/mutator
  • Players are now no longer kicked after loading a map with a "server is full" message
  • Fixed various crashes and functional issues with the editor
  • Fixed various functional issues with the WebAdmin tool
  • Fixed an issue where the Easy Anti-Cheat splash screen would appear incorrectly
  • Improved the art on the Toby's bar sign on Compound
  • Fixed an issue where the "Reset to Default" option failed to reset the iron sights and tips and hints options in gameplay settings
  • Fixed an issue where players' selections in the server browser would change as the list is populated with servers
  • Fixed a potential vote kick system exploit
  • Profile and Statistics page no longer requires server travel to display updated player statistics
  • The game now detects and automatically selects your monitor's highest available resolution on first launch
  • Fixed an issue where the icon for VNGame.exe did not render correctly in the Windows Task Manager
  • General cleanup of the VO system
  • Various tweaks to the scoring system and points awarded for actions
  • Fixes to Anti-aliasing
  • MLAA has been removed from the anti-aliasing options

Optimization Passes:
  • Continued performance optimizations throughout all levels
  • Optimization: Turned off wind physics from various objects
  • Optimization: Optimized the radius and added a max draw distance to dynamic lights created by artillery, grenades and muzzle flashes
  • Optimization to PhysX Emitters
  • Various miscellaneous optimization fixes on particle systems
  • Optimized the player ragdoll
  • Adjusted shadow cascades on the Ultra setting to reduce draw calls

Steam Workshop
  • Various features implemented in the RS2 Steam Workshop

Web Admin
  • Fixed an issue where banned players could not have their ban revoked
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