Claymore mines need to be completely reworked

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Aug 5, 2013
I decided to write down some suggestions on how to further improve Claymore mines in the next update. A player who tries to use Claymores frequently has to subject himself to several levels of frustration:

1. One must be in the 20-meter radius from the Claymore mine in order to detonate it, putting oneself in a dangerous position being right in the middle of a firefight. C4 clackers, on the other hand, have double the range of Claymore ones and allow players to hide in a safe spot overlooking the cap, waiting for enemies to approach planted mines.

2. Not only a player must nearly "hug" an enemy with a clacker in his hand, detonating Claymores often results in a Vietnamese player just shooting his Southern opponent in the head while getting no damage himself. I tested these mines on empty maps, and here are the results:

Detonating a Claymore right next to my face:

C4, by the way, does not have this problem at all, it's deadly at range as it's supposed to be:

3. If you planted your Claymores and got killed before you could detonate them, you won't get new Claymores at ammo crates and will be stuck with a clacker in your hand for the rest of the match. Northern traps disappear if you plant more than is allowed by default, giving you an opportunity to place them in a new location. Why can't players do it with Claymores as well? Say, you placed two Claymores near the objective, got killed and put another two at the next one, just like Northern traps work.

To the developers: in the next update, implement the following changes to Claymore mines, please:

A. Increase their blast radius to the same degree C4 has;

B. Make the detonation range of Claymore clackers the same as C4 ones have;

C. Let us place new Claymores after dying, so that if an American pointman tries to place a third Claymore after putting down two already, the first one disappears and so forth.

D. Add a trip flare for Claymore mines that can go off if players from the opposing team are near it (to maximize the chances of getting a kill).
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Oct 10, 2005
On your claymore vids, you are behind the claymore. Claymores fire out from the front "hence the this side towards enemy writing on it". Try checking from the front of the claymore and see how you feel about the blast radius.
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Aug 19, 2007
Yeah, the claymores are lethal to 30-40 meters in game. They only hurt you from 1-2 meters if you stand behind them. So they work like they are supposed to.

But I agree on points B and C.