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FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 15, 2007
Hello bazille!

bazille looking for a teamplay oriented clan to have fun with and make some comrades, If you were to join us your tags ingame wouldn't be the long {187thMgDiv} we only use that tag on the site, the tag we use ingame is {187th}.
We mostly play infantry style maps, mostly German side clan, but we will play the Russian side on occasion.

heres a run down of what we look for:

The Type of players we are looking for:
.Players with a good attitude,the interest to play as a team
.Players that are mature in their play
.Players that want to be on a team
.Players with tactical ability
.noobs are welcome
.An interest in expanding or improving oneself for future competitions
.Players that want to have fun and are tired of being a server surfer
.We want players that want to go to matches, and eventually the RO Ladder
.Players that want to become more skillful than what they are now
.We want players that want to have fun, and be excited everytime they go play
.We play Rainbow six 3: Ravenshield also, as this game is optional from our main game we use it for play and to practice on, so we are also looking for players that would be open to improving their skills and playing this game as a coordinated team
.We also want players that are sick of the selfish, and childish crap on the servers
.We also want players who want to relax, and have fun
.players that want to be themselves team or no team

If you fall into some of these things then we want you!

Come check our Website out:
Our server address is

Clan Leader/site admin
{187thMgDiv} "Ne Desit Virtus"- Let Valor Not Fail