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Changing the default map from Biotics Lab


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 23, 2019
Hello, I'm using a gameservers dedicated server along with the KF2 server interface for the server, anyone know how to set the default map to a different one? Thanks!


In Soviet Russia, Yoshiro is a cake
Staff member
Oct 10, 2005
In your launch batch script you can set the map you want it to start with. Example batch:

start .\Binaries\win64\kfserver kf-burningparis?gamelength=0?difficulty=0 will always launch Burning Paris on short and normal.


Grizzled Veteran
May 14, 2009
Reach your customer support for them to change your start map, you surely do not have access to the startup command line, I mean they didn't have that feature back when I used them for a while years ago, they surely still do not have these options (or else you probably would have found them in your control pages on their website).

edit: nevermind, you wrote you're using a dedicated server so yeah, modify your startup command line manually obviously :) as Yoshiro told you.