CD Burner Stopped Working

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 27, 2005
Palm Coast, FL
My CD player is able to write and I used to be able to use it just fine. But now all the sudden the burner part doesn't work, but the player itself is fine. I can see it in My Computer, and it runs CDs. None of my burning programs, though, recognize the CD drive and neither does Device Manager. Its extremely hard to get or find help for a vague problem such as this (nightmare using Google x_x) so does anyone have an idea of what happened to my CD drive? I did some process in the registry that i found on a site but it did absolutely nothing.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 21, 2005
The Netherlands
You could try using a lenscleaner, but overall I think it's just best to buy a new one.
You can buy ones at the price of milkshake these days.

Oh it stopped recognizing in Windows. But still, get a new one ;P


Grizzled Veteran
May 2, 2006
Elitist Prick Ski Lodge
Why buy a new unit when it's probably just a driver issue??

- Uninstall the device from Device Manager, then do a reboot and see if it finds it. Install drivers that came with the drive if necessary (shouldnt be as XP comes with most of them)
- Reinstall any CD-burning software (Nero or whatever you have).

oh btw, Device Manager is at: righht click My Computer - Properties - Hardware - Device Manager.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 8, 2006
Check to see what copy protection any games or programs you have use. Some are known to disable burning on cd/dvd drives. I have had this problem before.