Cat protection system needed!

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Apr 1, 2006
They are awesome cats, they are like dogs, but without the mess and the constant needs :D

Heres both of them:

The white one is "Bamse", the oldest, and the black one is "Sambo", the pic is several months old so they are larger now.

I've been around cats my whole life, my parents used to breed all sorts of them when i was growing up, but i have never had a cat like a maine-coon before, they are quite unique, very social, they talk constantly, they are allways playfull (and im told they will never grow out of that), and very gentle.

It really is like having a dog, they greet me when i come home, they follow me around, they play, only difference really is that i dont have to walk them, they know how to take their messes to the liter box instead of my floor, and they sleep some more :D