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Can't join games... Please 'O' please help!


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May 8, 2015

Recently, much to my dismay, I can no longer join games. When I go into the server browser & double click directly on a game or click on a game & hit the join button to join nothing happens. I tried reinstalling the game on steam but still no go. Oddly if I click on the history tab & join a game it goes through but I don't know where or why & what's displayed when I click on a game there is not usually what I end up with game-wise.

Please help, need my KF2 fix.
I've been having the same problem, too, and the above recommendations have done absolutely nothing to alleviate it. I cannot join games online no matter how hard I try or how long I wait after clicking "Join". I uninstalled/reinstalled, reset my KF2 folder, reduced the maximum server listing when browsing from 1000 to 30, and *nothing* works. Googling around, I see a lot of people commenting on the same issue with not many solutions. Is there anything left I can try?
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Client-side connection issues. Add these to any security software, firewall, router/modem and make sure your ISP aren't blocking them: https://support.killingfloor2.com/en/steampc-knowledgebase/article/egs-connection-or-search-issues (I know this is an EGS article but the same can be said about steam users.) Here's a screenshot of my KF2 security settings for your reference: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachme...825680069317361674/kf2_firewall_allowance.png

Additional article on the matter: https://support.killingfloor2.com/e...failed-to-join-server-connection-to-host-lost
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