Can we get better Korean localisation officially or by mod?

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Oct 14, 2020
As one of Korean RS2 players, I deeply appreciate for Korean localisation on this game.
It greatly helped us to promote game and get more new players in my region especially this week (EGS), and even so we hope reviving our own servers.

However, there are a few little problems with localisation, making Korean players' experience not as good as others. I know it's not the most urgent than serious bugs and lags in game, but still I don't want Korean new players to have bad first impression and confused playing this game any more.

1. Incorrect or bad translations in game play.​

For examples:
  • 100m >> 100분 (which means "minutes" rather than "meters". This is shown in kill log)
  • XM21 Suppressed >> XM21 음소거 (which literally means "XM21 mute speaker")
  • 30rd Box >> 30번째 상자 (which means "box that comes 30rd position")
  • RESUME >> 계속하기 (which makes no sense when SL says it, we have another word for it)
  • APOLOGIES >> 사과 (which is literally a word "apology" in dictionary, not suit in this context)
  • ... and much more of minor ones.

2. Incorrect or bad translations in name and description of achievements.​

To be honest, every single achievements is lacking respect of original meme, also including some complete opposite descriptions about how to get it.

3. Some overlapping texts in UI.​

Adding narrow version of Korean font just like English version might fix it.
I tried replacing the fonts myself using SDK and it worked for me. Of course, It made me kicked from online servers.

4. Pressing keys makes wrong inputs when you typing in Korean keyboard settings.​

Using Korean keyboard and after switching to Korean keyboard settings, all keys (like WASD...) does the same function as backspace. Only solution for now is switching between Korean and English every time you want to use Korean in chat.

First one at least could be solved by correcting and updating localisation files. Korean RS2 communities have made alternative localisation files (.kor) to improve it and saw it works after copying and overwriting them manually.
As TWI said another hotfix and new contents will come soon, I hope we can get a better localization as well in future. Or SDK support for modding to apply edited localisation files in our servers.