Camping is killing gameplay

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Aug 30, 2011
Apparently OP never played ostfront. Another thing to consider is that this game just came out and people are still getting grips with it, so dont expect alot of people trying to do the objective.


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Jan 9, 2007
Red Orchestra 2 has only been out for a few days. People are still learning the maps, getting acclimated to the game and bugs are still being ironed out. RO1 was the same way(And still is in a way, you will always have campers) but after a while, people[some] will figure out that playing aggressive is the way to win as an attacker.

this sire got the right idea....:D;)


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Sep 7, 2011
There are dozens of run and gun games out there. Perhaps one of those would be more to your liking.


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Sep 2, 2010
And in MY makes the game play better and far more realistic. So, our opinions essentially balance each other out. On our server we encourage the defenders to defend (i.e. camp/tactical waiting/etc.) and the attackers to attack -- albeit in a controlled manner. We seriously believe rushers hurt game play and realism.

And so it goes in games. style is largely a subjective matter and different servers will encourage different styles. Find one that suits your preferred fast-paced mobile play. And enjoy it!

PS It probably won't be mine. ;)

Are you blind. I wrote that the game is to fast paced for its own good.

Apparently OP never played ostfront. Another thing to consider is that this game just came out and people are still getting grips with it, so dont expect alot of people trying to do the objective.

Played it for years. In one of the better clans. Next.


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Aug 30, 2011
I have had no problems like what you get on cod where people are sitting in corners just waiting for you to pop round, when they have no reason for being there.

I get this quite often. Not even in cap zones. This is camping. Sitting in a window defending your point is defending. That can be dealt with by putting smoke or suppressing fire down, but the moron hidden in a corner waiting for some sod to stop and reload is just irritating

Leto Atreides

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Jun 5, 2010
I don't remember dying so many times in RO:OST while getting to the fight.

In RO2, nearly all spawns or their exits are under direct fire from enemy positions.
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Jefferson Poopeyes

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Sep 5, 2011
In older FFA style FPS games like the Quake series, camping was the worst because it really did detract from any fun when all your adversary would do was wait in a small corner for you to run into his bullets. That's sort of where camping should be looked down upon. It's not fun. This isn't Quake, OP.

RO2 and most realistic shooters are completely different from those types of games. there's really no such thing as camping in the traditional sense in objective based realistic shooters. Like other people have said, what the OP calls 'camping' is a legitimate tactical decision, just as going in behind said campers and driving your bayonet into their backs.

A large part of the game (and a very fun part for me) is figuring out good concealed positions, how long it takes to get there from the beginning of the round and how best to position yourself so as to exploit those positions. With aerial recon and artillery shots, people in concealed positions get really messed up if played right.

Also, the game is definitely not meant to be a fast paced shooter. I tried to act like that in beta and got ruined for the first 2 hours until I slowly started picking up on good positions and angles. People might die in seconds, but that doesn't mean that the firefight is over. The best teams are slow and methodical, the best positions are hidden and not out in the open and the best times to move are when the opposing team is down on numbers or being distracted by something else. Remembering this has increased my round times to say the least.

OP, this is supposed to emulate a real war, would a commander in a war get mad at his troops for "camping" if they were in good tactical and well hidden areas where they could kill lots of the enemy without being injured? Would he then send them out to do crazy things cause it made for a more fun war experience? please.


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Aug 23, 2011
The OPs objections makes it sound like this is DH, a game where distant spawn points and camping is very real (and intentionally so).

But even in RO1 the point of defending was exactly camping. Sure you may die the first time because the defender obviously considered your move, but if you die a second time from the same camper then it is your own fault. At that point you should have been aware defenders were present in the area, and that you should proceed with caution. But the present maps all seem to take this into account and has provided alternative routes or approaches to the objective.

To a degree I will agree that I am not altogether satisfied with the faster pace of RO2 as compared to RO1. RO1 made allowance for several failed attacks and thus several changes of tactics for the attackers (provided they didn't waste their reinforcements too much), something which RO2 does not on account of the lockdown system.

I think that this does throw a lot of the general feeling from RO1 out the window, and I do think there should be an option for servers to turn off this lockdown system, so players can regain the unique experience of RO1 of failing to take an objective but by a deliberate change of tactics achieving a victory after all. This is not possible with the current TE settings. However I would never blame camping for anything, it was a wellknown (and true) mantra in RO that camping is defending, it is only natural to find a good spot and use it to the best of the players ability to kill attacking players.

I will repeat, camping is only bad if it is the attacking team that applies it, and they will lose. But this is a problem that is prevalent in all objective based FPS's, not only RO2. And it is especially prevalent in a game where most players by definition are noobs, it should change somewhat over time.


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Sep 15, 2011
too long didn't read.

Why do you bother posting crap like this? It just makes you look like an annoying moron with no knowledge and lots of opinions.

It was a well-written, carefully argued post, but all you managed to do is respond to the title. Way to go...


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Feb 25, 2006
Give squad leaders their second smoke back (or is it an unlock?) the commander doesn't need his. Some maps, I'm looking at you, Pavlovs house, just seem to be an exercise in sniping.


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Aug 31, 2011
Camping would not be that much of a problem if not the damn PROTECTED AREA reduced the maps to a few obvious paths of advance.


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Apr 30, 2009
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RO2 is just a broader game with more to pay attention to. I think that's the main reason why everyone's default mode (other than the fact everyone is a sniper this game) is camping.

I'll put it this way. I played 3 rounds of Pavlov's House last night. Like always, I head for Zab's first for some free points. Immediately on capturing, there were Germans in the point. For the rest of the match, every time I would run past Zab's, there would be Germans in it, whether or not the point was actually capturable. I spent probably 10 minutes in one match killing Germans in Zab's even though it was a non-objective the whole time. I watched streams of Germans head for Zab's non-stop, and it was usually a squad that liked to go the very top and find a room to hide in, so they could spawn and continually put guys into Zab's.

It was really ****ing annoying. But what are you going to do? If you leave them behind, they shoot you in the back while you go for other objectives, or they're instantly capping the minute another objective is captured and the whole balance switches.

So whether or not I wanted to, I ended up fighting over Zab's for 3 solid rounds, sometimes for defense points, sometimes to just root out camping bastards who want to shoot down into our spawn point.

In a perfect world, some squads would attack, some would defend, and everyone would go to where the action is supposed to be.

In reality, in every single FPS game ever made, people do what they want and you're lucky if they decide team work is what they're about. For the rest, it's either individuals or whole squads doing goober stuff that honestly has nothing to do with the game at hand. They're just going through the routines they're used to.

What pisses me off, more than anything though, are the people that are clearly veterans doing the kind of **** that leads to stupid games. Like trying to pre-emptively camp objectives. It's no different than in other games where the first thing the enemy team does is run to the foot of your spawn so they can pin you there.


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Aug 31, 2011
I think a lot of disagreement in this thread stems from different definitions of camping.

There is a definite difference between camping and defending. I have seen both playing RO2. Sitting in an tight and obscure corner with a PPsH and firing out of a window or doorway are completely different.