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Calamity Review


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 19, 2013
Ok, So I've downloaded the game and played enough to lvl the Hunting shotgun, Pump action, and assault SG to level 5 and my Support to level ~4-5, I have to say that the game is a nice addition to the game world and I can't wait to see what happens with the game, and THANK YOU for supporting an "indie"pendant game console that alot of people would like to see fail. :IS2: I'll buy it just as soon as I get paid in a week or so.

I really don't understand the hate that the game is getting, yes it's a Top down shooter, Yes it's got Local only MP for now, and YES it's on ouya...I got ouya on launch day waiting for some good games, and the reason I own it are for Minigore, Sine Mora, and mostly KF:Calamity. everyone should really just enjoy this...like...remember when most games were like this about 10 years ago? or when TDS was popular on iOS? It's a great addition, The weapons familliar, the controls are GREAT (except grenades are a little leary for me though) and simply the killing is great, I love the work you've put into it Tripwire, don't let haters get you down.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 15, 2013
i heavely agree with you i love this game aswel when my friend comes to my house he plays the game with me and we enjoy it, there is one thing that bothers me: why no abandon all music theme on patys round? :(

for the rest great indie kf game and haters gona hate kfc!
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