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May 26, 2011
...I think this game will be awesome..but (there is always a but) the individuals speaking these command sounds horrible..and as if he is constipated...there is just no "umph" or excitement to it..and its quite vanilla....I'm hoping this is NOT in the final game.:eek:

Yes, im think the same.
Im German, and it sound not really authentic for me.
In Germany we say "The ammouncer has a frog in his throat"
I dont know how to translate that in English:)

Im a sound engineer and i think that the recording from these samples are not qualitatively.
Ok, maybe its unfinished, also we listen a mp3 or some other compressed stuff......but...Well, however....i dont want to be the bad guy...you will make it!!!!:D
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You guys do realize those sounds are jokes, right?
Haha even I have to admit that those are some pretty iffy voice clips. Hopefully they will be HEAVILY post-processed lol ... the guy does totally sound like he's constipated.

Actually it sounds like the person doing the work is trying to make it sound like he's yelling while keeping his voice down.
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Mar 16, 2006
West Coast
Well..if its a joke..then the joke is on us..and thats good..as we all know sound and its ability to immerse oneself in the action can really make or break the game..the eye candy has to be there..but the sounds is equally as important....and in a campaign like stalingrad..with the din of battle..which was described as non stop constant in most books..I would imagine these orders would have to have been shouted quite loud to be heard..unless your talking small platoon or squad level actions...hard to say..but Im hoping they wont disappoint..I doubt it.
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