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BRTD recruitment for Planetside 2


FNG / Fresh Meat
I know some of you are interested in Planetside 2 so if you are looking for an outfit and are part of the Terran republic have a look at this, i am having lots of fun with them they are organised and mature.

Even if you are not in the beta sign up, with the amount of keys going out it wont be long till the game goes into open beta :)

More info here > http://www.brtd.net/?mobile=0

And here

"BRTD - Better Red Than Dead - Terran Republic Outfit

Empire: TR
Server: EU (US West - Not 100% guaranteed yet)
Recruiting: Still On - Limited Spots
Role: Combined Arms - Three Divisions: Infantry, Armoured/Vehicles (Prowler/Lightning) and Air Group (Mosquito/Lib/Galaxy)

What We're About:

BRTD origninally started out back in 2003 a week after release on the Werner (EU) Server. We are a global outfit mixed between Veterans and Newcomers to the game and they're no restrictions on who is allowed in, we only ask of you to listen. Teamwork is the key to success in Planetside, and we strive to work together at all times.

BRTD is a community aswell as a clan with experienced members happy to take time to answer questions or give help to where ever needed. We do take the game serious, but only when it is needed (Base caps or Events) every other time it's a fun and relaxed atmosphere with plenty of laughs to be had - as you'd find out if you jumped on our voice comms. The outfit consists of many friendly players, old and new, so if you need anything from questions to ingame help/training - just ask.

The outfit does have a Chain of Command so if any orders given out by Officers or higher please follow or respond. Prove yourself and earn respect of the outfit as a leader then who knows, you may soon be dishing out orders of your own. We give a fair chance to any players who want to show what they've got in any way.


[PS1] Before Planetside Day, and the return of old vets with free time, BRTD were the backbone of TR wth being one of the few organsied Outfits TR had left. We played away from the TR zerg, but helping them at the same time. We acted as distractions so TR Forces could capture a point, opened new areas of attack to get out of a route, and defended bases when no one else could or be bothered to along with many other countles things. In my opinion, without us Hossin/Solsar would be a 24/7 battle


The outfit will consist of combined arms. This allows anyone with any preference of playing to join the outfit and play the style they want with others alike. The outfit will be split into three Divisions (Listed below) These Divisions will co-ordinate with each other to accomplish any goal.

The main ingredient to capturing a base, the division will be split into squads ad be cencentrated in different areas of bases on Defense/Assaults. These guys will be on the front lines but squads may be taken away to take part in Spec Ops missions.

Dedicated Prowler and Lightning players. Will be used in first wave base assaults, armour columns and many other operations.

Air Group
To those fly boys, our Galaxys and Armour Columns will need escorts via Mosquitos, as well as Liberators engaging heavy enemy armour columns.

Want to join up?

We have a few rules before joining us;
- Voice Comms (we use mumble), Mic is encouraged but not essential
- Active at least 5 hours a week
- Over 18 years old (some leeway here but only if you are mature enough)
- A Sense of humour

Also make sure to sign up on our forums: http://www.BRTD.net with your forum name as your ingame name. When you have send in an Application form: http://www.brtd.net/community/Recruitment
Also head to our website to learn more about the outfit and the players it consists of.



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