Bringing back the RS1 Knee Mortar could help differentiate the NLF from the PAVN

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May 27, 2012
Why pick the NLF on attack?

NLF has excellent defensive options, but for offensive actions, players to tend to vote PAVN exclusively. But an incentive can be given if we represent some leftover Japanese equipment from WW2 that trickled into viet cong stockpiles. The knee mortar was one such weapon that the NLF exclusively received as hand-me-downs.

While lacking the wall penetrating mechanic the RPG; with higher ammo count and faster firing, the knee mortar can serve as a method to keep enemy positions under constant suppression. Historical quantities of the knee mortar were not significant, but with the campaign mechanics this can be represented by having a harsh set of restrictions for when it can appear:

Knee Mortar availability:
  • NLF exclusive:
    • Smaller Type 10 grenade discharger
      • radioman exclusive
      • replaces smoke grenades
      • always available
    • Heavier Type 89 grenade discharger
      • RPG role exclusive during early war
      • available on attack only
With a good coordinated team who spots for indirect fire, a commander has another form of an "artillery strike". In the transition from RS1 to RS2, different ammunition loadouts can also be available:
  • Type 89 ammo:
    • Type 91 fragmentation grenade (higher ammo count, standard was up to ten rounds on a person + carried firearm)
    • Type 89 50mm high-explosve shell (lower ammo count, bigger boom)
  • Type 10 ammo:
    • Type 91 Pyrotechnic grenade (incendiary ammo)
    • Type 11 Smoke shell (replaces class role of old smoke grenade)
    • Type 10 Signal shell (Marks artillery coordinates for the commander or helps indicate indirect fire location)
From the list above it can be seen that the type 89 would be a good alternative to the heavy weapons class within the loadout selection screen. The type 10 serves as a good utility tool for radiomen and their commanders. Since the radiomen and commanders tend to stick together, it would only seem natural for the commander to use his binoculars to help direct the knee mortar's indirect fire in between his usual antics of ambush respawn and calling in commander map powers.

The ultimate goal of including these weapons is to add flexibility for the northern side when conducting attacks. Thoughts?
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