boxed version in germany

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Aug 6, 2010
hi guys at Teotl Studios, first, let me congratulate your for getting your former modification to a soon-to-be full retail game.

second, i have 2 things on my mind regarding the boxed version in germany:

1. i know you are not finished developing, but i would like to know for which age rating you are shooting for and if you already know if you have to cut the german version to get your desired rating by the USK, considering the gore as seen in the "9 ways to kill a mummy" trailer (blood covering your vision and gibs flying around).

2.regardless of the age rating, the german cover will have to have a huge sign tapped to it, showing which age the game is rated for (see attached german Killing Floor cover for example, size is the same for every age rating), in my eyes totally ruining the box art.
so i'd suggest using a turnaround cover, having the version with the age sign on the outside and a clean version on the inside, so you can take it out and turn around once bought it.
it is very common for german dvd and bluray releases to feature such a turnaround cover, just search for "wendecover" (that's what it is called in german).
Metro 2033 used a turnaround cover, too, to give an example of a recently released game.

greetings from germany, you guys rock.


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Jul 13, 2010

We are shooting for Teen, age 12 to 16, outside Germany. I am not very familiar with the German USK but I am hoping to get something under 18 in Germany too. I don't know at this point if we will have to cut things but I consider it to be likely.

Turnaround cover or not is up to the German distributor.


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May 20, 2010
Depending on how lifelike your mummies act / die or how bloody your deaths are, I think this game could shoot at 16+ here, without cuts. If you plan on adding more gore, especially blood, to what I've seen in your mummy's way of deaths, it could go at 18+. Just don't let it splatter a lot, it should do the trick. I think they are very picky about blood here.
However, it you do have to make cuts, tell us.

€ And yes, I also vote for the turnaround cover.
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