Bolts vs. Autos vs. SMGs

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Major Liability

FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 14, 2010
New York
My absolute favorite weapon in the game is the G43. It's powerful, accurate, and it's equally effective at close range and long range. I have never missed a shot with the G43 that I would have hit with the K98k, I just don't notice any difference in practical accuracy at all, even with the scope. I've never found bayonet to be necessary with a semi auto with 10-round mags - if you can't hit them with that you deserve to be stabbed. My best class in the game is the sturmpionier with the G43, grenades, and satchel charge.

The SVT-40 isn't as good. I'll always take it over a Mosin if I am a rifleman, though it is not accurate enough to use with a scope, so I always take the Mosin when I am sniper.

I find the StG 44 to be completely overrated. At long range, I'd rather have the power of the semi-automatics, and at close range a sub machinegun is a better choice because they have less recoil.

The only time I use a SMG is when I know I am going to only be fighting in very close quarters, in which case I will try to get an MP40. The Russian sub machineguns are just too hard to use at medium and long range, and seem to do less damage per bullet. The large magazines and high rate of fire are useless if the weapon is uncontrollable. I wish the PPSh-41 had a rate of fire selector.

Regardless of effectiveness, I have the most fun with the MG-42 by far. It's simply a beast.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 4, 2010
Just wondering what you guys prefer... by auto I mean automatic rifles, not the smgs.

I've found that I do far better at medium-long range shots with the bolt action rifles than the autos, 1) because the sights are better, and 2) because it seems to be more accurate (is this true???), AND because it forces me to use disciplined fire and take my time with each shot since I have to reload between each shot.

I'm a relative n00b in Red Orchestra still having only logged about 120 hours of playtime. At first, I hated using the bolt because I sucked with it. I stuck to assault trooper as much as possible - however, I consider the auto's to have severe versatility issues and started to practice with the bolt. At this point, I only ever use a bolt.

The only time I will grab an auto is if the weapon has been shot from my hand and I can't go back to get it and will pick up whatever I find on the ground that as ammo.

If you put in the time and practice with the bolt, you can actually hip shot faster and more accurately than any auto in the game - just takes a lot of practice and missed shots.

I'd really suggest to use the bolt at all times. When you get very good at it, it will really piss off people who just sprayed fifteen rounds and hit the end of their clip and you run up to the casually and stab them in the chest. :cool:


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 14, 2011
As everyone has said, whatever the map best suits. But there will always be a moment in a round where you will be stuck with the wrong weapon for the situation you find yourself in, but that's why you have teammates!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 15, 2010
I think everyone agrees that it differs with each map.
In Danzig, for example, you're fighting CQ most of the time, so you wanna go for Assault.
Semi-Auto is good for medium-range sniping and quick hip-fire in a pinch.
Bolt-action is good for very long-range but practically useless close-range especially against Assaults.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 21, 2011
Favouring in order of writing; G43, SVT 40, K98 k, G41, K98 k Sniper, SVT 40 sniper, Mosin Nagant sniper, Mosin rifle.

I always never play assault.

If I play as Machinegunner I prefer MG 42, MG 24, DP-28. Depending on map, mass control / accuracy.
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