Bobby Kotick wins again

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2005
Beer capital of the world
745 Mio $ turnover as opposed to the prognosed 600 Mio $ and the 703 Mio $ realized last year. 51 Mio $ profit as opposed to 15 Mio $ last year.

And as for shares:


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2005
Vienna, Austria
I think (and can't see why anyone wouldn't think) Activision is a bad publisher.
Bad isn't the correct word, because they're good at what they're doing. I'd rather use the term "evil". But then again, Ubisoft and especcialy EA are currently trying to catch up with Activision after 2-3 good years.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 1, 2006
Maine, US
Making money is great, and pretty much the center of capitalism, but there's something to be said about a large company which just barely manages to release media and games that are on par with studios far smaller than they are.

Blizzard and Activision wouldn't receive so much flak if they actually used their money to make games that stood out for something other than biggest bread winner.