BigDownload Interview

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Dec 8, 2005
Interruptible reloads?
No more insane recoil in SMGs?
Beta this year?
Firebug update?
KF re-balance?
a suspiciously angry fleshpound?

I think this is a nice day for TWI fans =)


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Jul 6, 2009
John Gibson: "Regarding plans for a Killing Floor sequel, well I would say something but there is a Fleshpound with a glowing red chest and spinning arm blades behind me threatening to grind me up if I say anything. "

Don't let the big fp keep secrets from us! Please go sharpshooter and xbow him in the forebrain please!


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Apr 3, 2008
so does John have an evil twin that goes by John Gibsob? :D

on a serious note, it's a nice interview and much more professional way of revealing the 2011 release in comparision to the youtube slideshow. thank you for that ;)


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Nov 23, 2005
Nice one, looks like I'll be wasting my entire days in Multiplayer Campaign :)


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Dec 16, 2005
I'd the guys who did some other testing for TWI in the past, like the ones who got asked to test the Fallen Heroes map or the achievements since they are in a betatesting group already.
But most likely it's open for the most active people on the forum. At least that's what i'd do i think.


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Nov 22, 2005
Falmouth UK
I'd probably do something similar to the MOH beta. If you own both RO and KF, and have pre purchased HOS then you get beta access. And since information can be gotten about how many hours someone has played both RO and KF limits about that can be made as a requirement as well.

But then you will only get the hardcore RO fan base, which is not really representative of the possible group of future players. We already learned to live with many of flaws and issues of RO, and are much less likely to spot it than someone who is fresh. So actually grabbing KF players without RO experience could be a good poll as well.

Its nice to get input from some of the COD/CS crowd, as they are not used to RO's Territory game type but instead to search and destroy, it would be nice to know how they react to countdown. Some new non hardcore players could be nice as well to see how hard the learning curve is actually.

It just depends on whether the idea of the beta is to test the server performance, find additional bugs, and stuff like that. Or that actual balance and player responses are being polled as well. Next to that you need a nice variety of hardware configurations to ensure the game got no weird issues. Things like all firewalls and virus scanners would need to be covered by the user base. And at least some BT home hub users to see if there are no weird time-out disconnect issues.

Personally I hope that TWI, tries to get game administrators from the multiple competitive leagues and ladders out there (from any first person shooter). And some top end clans from both the RO world as the CS/COD world to work out kinks on the competitive game play side and possible exploits. This because for me my heart lies with competitive gaming, and that clans can bring in additional servers and publicity.

Finally some modding communities like afterhourz, and some server admins to try the server/modding tools are pretty important as well in my opinion.

But TWI are the only ones that really know what kind of info they want to get out of the beta, so anything could happen on that front. As the target audience probably defines the method used.
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