Better "Time Limit" mechanics?

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 2, 2008
I think RO2 is a great game somewhat marred by design decisions like the "lock down" feature that often curtails a round before it has begun. Further to this I find the default map limits are too short often with the time so slow reinforcements do not play a role. There a number of ways I have thought of that could improve the time limit without leading to what we all don't want to see - 1 guy left alive for 10 minutes.

1. A round starts with a time of say 15 minutes with a non stacking 5 minutes added for every objective seized (obviously this would need to be balanced for the different maps this is just for arguments sake). In this way instead of being punished until acheiving an objective (which I think lock down does) you are rewarded in succeeding at achieving an objective with a greater chance to succeed in the round as a whole due to earning more time in which to complete the remainder of your objectives. If however a team cannot seize an objective the round will not be unnecessarily prolonged giving you the intended benefit of lock down without being as harsh. TF2 has a similar mechanic I believe and it seems to work perfectly fine.


2. Reinforcements determine the length of a round and when they expire an arbitrary timer is implemented which can be added to as in my first example should the depleted team seize objectives proving (in theory) it isn't just 1 joker left hiding near spawn.

Would be nice to get some feedback on these ideas anyway :D.