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Betio and Multiplayer Campaign Changelog


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  • Oct 10, 2005
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    This is the near final changelog for the upcoming RO2/RS patch.

    • Multiplayer Campaign Mode made officially released and Pacific campaign added - Multiplayer Campaign Mode is an all new paradigm in multiplayer FPS games – more than just a game type, it ties the game types and individual matches together into a campaign that can last hours. This gives the multiplayer game more depth than ever before – individual matches now matter for the overall victory or loss in the MP campaign. Both sides battle it out to control territories on a large scale battle map, voting on which territories to attack, whether to attempt to take more territory, or to defend and try to grind down the enemies resources. We like to say it is like a “meta” game of Risk. MP Campaign was cut before the original launch of Red Orchestra 2 due to time constraints, but now returns with both a Stalingrad and Pacific theater campaign. You can find out more about MC here: http://wiki.tripwireinteractive.com/index.php?title=RO2_Multiplayer_Campaign
    • All new level Betio. The tiny island of Betio was the scene of the heaviest fighting during the Battle of Tarawa in November 1943, the first major US amphibious offensive of the Pacific Theater. The map here recreates the push of the US 2nd Marine Division across the devastated island against their counterparts in the 6th Special Naval Landing Force (the Japanese 'Marines') as the US forces attempt to disable key tactical objectives such as naval guns and transmitter stations. The map favors desperate pitched defenses and assaults at all costs and features extensive use of destroyable objectives. So engineers get those satchel charges primed!
    • New Russian weapon - PPS-42 SMG. Born out of desperation during the siege of Leningrad, the PPS-42 provides the Russian's with a powerful, lightweight SMG option.
    • New Japanese weapon - Type 97 Sniper Rifle. More accurate, but less powerful than the existing Type 99 sniper rifle, this weapon gives the Japanese another way to reach out and touch their enemies.

    • Refined prone system - Players will now be able to successfully prone in many more locations
    • Crawling through tight spaces (e.g. trenches) is less restrictive
    • Japanese Type 38 rifle now gets additional ammo clips at level 3
    • Fixed being able to single fire a BAR with a burned-out barrel
    • Removed plus-one reloading for the PPSH 41
    • Dropping a primed grenade when killed can now award points for kills
    • Fixed issue where Aerial recon planes were spawning at the wrong location when team roles were reversed.
    • Refined Countdown game mode to prevent gameplay exploits where one team would suicide after capturing an objective to improve their chances of winning (* Special thanks to THOR's mod *)
    • Auto Commander can be disabled in Countdown on the server (in the config or web admin).
    • Removed spawn protection when spawning on squad leader
    • Fixed being able to spawn on the other team’s MGer
    • Fixed M1917 firing too high
    • Disabled spawning on MGer when spawning on SL is disabled
    • Fixed spawn delay after accepting battlefield commission after a round has begun

    Level Design

    Took a pass through many maps to improve gameplay balance including the following maps: Apartments, Barracks, Commissars House, Mamayev Kurgan, Pavlov’s House, Red October Factory, Station, Spartanovka, Hanto, Peleliu, and Guadalcanal.

    • Changed allied reinforcements to 420 from 365
    • Changed axis reinforcements from 325 to 280
    • Allies respawn rate changed to 15 seconds from 25

    • Moved Allies last spawns to be more in line with the routes needed to defend the last objectives.
    • Reduced Allies respawn time by 5 seconds

    Commissars House
    • Most objective capture times have been slightly increased
    • All objectives now lock after being captured

    Mamayev Kurgan
    • Reduced Axis artillery amounts
    • Both team's respawn rate set to 20 seconds (Previously, Axis = 15 and Allies = 25)

    Pavlov's House
    • Balanced artillery amounts for both teams
    • Decreased tank respawn rates
    • Added infantry/tank cover around Jan 9th Square
    • Added field locations for satchel charge pickups'
    • Both teams now only have 1 tank

    Red October Factory
    • German spawns for the 1st objective now fall back after 3 minutes (similar to Kwajalien)
    • All objectives lock after being captured
    • All objectives capture times are slightly increased

    • Decreased allies respawn time from 25 seconds to 20
    • Increased objective capture time gradually as the map progresses - final objective capture time has been doubled
    • 1st objective now locks after being captured

    • Added more aggressive spawn protection for attackers and defenders

    • Reduced Axis reinforcements 550 to 450
    • Reduced map time 25min to 20min

    • Increased Allied respawn time 15sec to 20 sec
    • Reduced Allied reinforcements 420 to 350
    • Reduced Axis respawn time 25 sec to 20 sec

    • Reduced Axis reinforcements 610 to 510
    • Increased Allied reinforcements 530 to 550
    • Increased Axis respawn timer 15 sec to 20 sec
    • Decreased Allied spawn timer 25 sec to 20 sec

    Classic Mode
    • Changed Classic Mode weapons handling. Sway is significantly higher when you first go into ironsights, then ramps down shortly afterwards, then climbs back up a bit if you stay in iron sights (but not as high as when first going into iron sights)
    • Added a new recoil modifier for weapon handling. Many weapons have more recoil with Classic mode weapon handling now.
    • Many weapons have had their sway/jitter values tweaked for Classic weapons handling
    • Increased base run speed of players in Classic mode. It now matches the realism default run speed
    • In Classic Mode you can now use your iron sights key to stop sprinting and start a transition to ironsights. The transition to iron sights when coming out of sprint is now much longer than normal iron sights transitions however
    • Sway will reset when transitioning to/from crouched so you get more sway when you have just changed stances.
    • Fixed some Classic mode weapon handling properties not working online

    User Interface
    • Fixed satchel objective icons not being reset in the next round
    • The unit select screen now remembers the previously selected weapon and weapon level
    • Added a cancel reload hint
    • Added “Enter” key input on spawn select screen
    • Increased scroll speed in role selection squad view
    • Fixed WebAdmin incorrectly stating that spawn on squad leader would un-rank your server
    • Game will now alternate between RS menu music and RO 2 menu music

    • Eyefinity/nVidia Surround support in 3x1 Landscape and 5x1 Landscape (5x1 Portrait not currently supported). Menus and HUD correctly resize and relocate to the center monitor
    • Various additions to WebAdmin
    • Fixed a memory leak which was crashing/restarting servers
    • Fixed kill messages not displaying for demorecs
    • Fixed several game crashes and added additional logging for several others
    • Implement extensive functionality to support the vehicle mod team’s work on adding new vehicles to the game including base transport functionality, and transport vehicle spawning functionality
    • Added mutator hook for ROGameInfo::preLogin

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    Dec 28, 2012
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    Dec 20, 2009
    Why you favor RU over any other factions now? It seems like most (all) maps are made easier for them. Especially on Apartments and Red October Factory. Its not the game its the players who make the difference. If the Allies team is decent they can give a pretty damn good fight on Apartments. For me those "balance" (lol...) changes are in fact breaking the balance to compensate the stacking in the Axis team but I am sure the result will be the same. As I said, its not the game, its the players.
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    Oct 11, 2005
    Regarding map balance, we collected extensive data on how many times each team was winning each map. Especially in RO2, there were many maps where one side was winning 85-90% of the time. That is not a "depends on the players" situation, that is a broken map that is unbalanced. A map that is won 90% of the time by one side makes most players groan and leave the server when it comes into the rotation. In those cases we work to get the maps closer to a 50/50 split on which side wins. Then it really does depend on the players.
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    May 3, 2009
    About map balance:

    It seems like after this patch the Russians have some more advantages on Apartment. or? More Russian reinf + less spawn time and less German reinf.

    I never noticed that the Russian have no chance to win on "Danzig" most of time I won this map, as Russian (because I like to attack much more than to defend). The only problem I see on Apartments were some player who don
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