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[BETA] Some Objective waves too difficult for 1 player


Nov 25, 2015
I been playing objective modes on the different maps for a while and I notice that sometimes I got to spend and exuberant amount of time to clear certain waves when I am the only one on the server.

Specifically the "Escort the Drone" and "Activate the objective X amount of times".

The reasons these two are so time-consuming lies in that if you play alone, you are bound to run out of ammo on these (bar zerker) and being overrun very easily, before the objectives can conclude. The drone is the worst offender, because if it is destroyed you might aswell restart, it'll soon be a endless cycle of you grabbing ammo/clearing out the currently spawned zeds, then repairing the drone, then fighting the newly spawned zeds while the drone gets destroyed again. This is especially infuriating if it happens in a tight spot (Outpost specifically since the drone runs INSIDE the complex for it's whole objective), since you have to weight your ability to not get cornered vs the drones ability to move a few more meteres before the next batch of "Around-the-corner-Zeds" comes charging in with bloat/husk/EDARs making it exceedingly difficult to clear the fresh spawn out with a swift grenade or explosive weapon.

It is doable, I have done it almost every game I played on Suicidal, but the amount of time I have to spend on these waves far exceed any of the other waves, just because I played alone.

I suggest tuning down the spawns for these waves and make the Drone keep moving even if it's attacked, even if you immediately clear out whatever attacked it, it just stands there for several seconds before starting to move again. No, just let the Drone keep going even if it's attacked, I mean why would it stop? It's under attack, keep moving little Drone!

TL:DR: Drone and Activate objectives are too time-consuming when playing alone.


Active member
Jul 9, 2015
Mostly agree. I almost exclusively play singleplayer, and have beated all three objective maps on HoE already. I will never do so again unless something changes - they are just plain tedious. I personally find the weld/repair and escort the drone objectives to be worse, while operate/control and stand your ground are the easiest.

Anything that requires you move around the map and do something for extended periods of time (i.e. welding) is inherently flawed in singleplayer, since the zeds are designed to surround you att all times and constantly be up in your face. During the weld/repair objectives or once the drone goes down, even if you've killed all the zeds in sight they will start coming seconda later, buying you a couple of seconds at most to weld. This is especially problematic if the drone goes down since they will destroy it just as fast.

I find it interesting that you mentioned the operate/control objective to be hard in singleplayer, since it's not really any different from the hold your ground objectives in vanilla survival. If anything it's easier, since the timer will still go if you're not in the area.


Feb 4, 2010
I do a lot of solo games andI find it's harder for a lot of perk classes (especially those that run slow).