[Game] '#+)!b4ags... uhm I mean veterans of the gaming industry

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Nov 22, 2005
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No this is not about Chris Roberts or Peter Molyneux.

Meet Tim Langdell. A guy now in his mid 50s who, sometime in the late 70s, founded a company he called EDGE games. Or maybe he never did, with this guy you never know.

Now EDGE games... that rings a bell with you, right? No? Why you don't know of such classics as "Snoopy: The Case of the Missing Blanket"? According to his wikipedia entry, he developed 180 games. But then, this article is written by his wife, so go figure (and take this as a prime example how people use this project to manipulate others).

Well at some point, probably because noone gave a rats *** about his ****ty games (if they ever hit the stores at all, which I doubt), Tim thought to himself: "I can make much more money as a fraud!"

So he started using his company name EDGE to bully himself into the credits of various mid to high prestige endeavours by REAL developers and artists, threatening them to cooperate or get sued. The latest example: EDGE, a critically acclaimed iPod/Phone title that is now no longer available from various locations thanks to Mr Landell. The funny thing is: His own company now announces a game called MIRRORSa new game from EDGE. Just google their homepage, it's even more blatant as a flash logo. On second thought: Don't do it. That's what he'd want.

This way and by "clever" abuse of todays media and institutions thorough lack of good ol' facts and background checking he managed to get on to the boards of several American and International NGOs in the electronic media sector, though for me it is hard to tell which of them are frauds by themselves. But for example they actually let this guy hold roundtables at this years GDC:

- Who Controls a Game’s IP and Who Reaps the Financial Benefit?
(Tim does, expecially if it's YOUR game)

- How to Design Your Game So That its IP is More Valuable to Hollywood

- How to Sell Your IP to Hollywood (Without Selling Your Soul)
(Soul, Tim? YOU are talking about SOUL?)

Please check these pages for more information on how to make a living of other peoples work and why our IP laws stink and how they are abused.
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