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Australian Suicidal (and apology)


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 27, 2009
Sydney, Australia
I was playing a great game of Suicidal on WestLondon last night on an Aussie server with a bunch of good players (we were holding out inside the building with the front desk).

Mid-way through Wave 9, my power mains switched off!!! I can't quite express my feelings at this point - having never got as far as Wave 9 on suicidal before. (Most of the words that come to mind, start with 'F').

I can't remember any players names (I think RSNAME was in there somewhere) but if you were wondering why I disappeared, that's the reason.

I would really like to know what happened - as it took me ages how to figure out how to turn the power back on and didn't get back online.

Did you finish that wave? Did you beat Patriarch?...
I will probably never know... Damn electricity.
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