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ATTENTION: Modders and Mappers - Give your Feedback!


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Feb 3, 2016
Cranny mate
Kittenmittens Thanks for the information. Is there any information regarding the other requests? What you have listed there is a bunch of SDK-related requests. What's going on with the code-related requests? There's heaps of those that have been mentioned that are crucial for mods, not maps.

For example, are you considering adding more mutator hooks? I think these are incredibly important, since it's quite difficult to achieve anything interesting with a mutator alone. And most of the non-trivial mutators require overriding important classes like the player controller, preventing compatibility with other mods that do the same. I noticed you added some GameInfo hooks to some events, mainly for weekly support. Why not add mutator hooks to these events as well?

As I mentioned before, things like weapon recoil and spread should have both GameInfo and mutator hooks. I have already written code for this exact purpose. Why not ask me for it so you can copy it straight in with no effort required on your part? Honestly, these changes are trivial on your end, and a nightmare on ours.


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May 1, 2015
Lotsa of ASSessing going on.
Please let us know when you actually decide to support the modding community. It would not be that difficult to add the small changes requested as @Pharrahnox listed above among others.


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Jan 16, 2019
Delta69er;n2318615 said:
Yoshiro I've been trying to figure out a way to extend Holdout maps for endless and at the moment there just isn't enough information to figure out what gamemode is being played. Its not possible at the moment because WaveMax is dynamically set and you need to account for boss waves, otherwise I would've just said if WaveMax>11.

You recently introduced a new kismet node for path weighting for Endless - can you provide a new kismet node that can return an index for the Game Mode being played (ie; 0 = survival, 1 = versus, 2 = weekly, 3 = endless - but mainly just for survival and endless). If you can provide this than we can thread the kismet nodes into the appropriate streams so Holdout Maps can be utilized in Endless (which almost seems like they are perfectly made for). This can even be extended to the Official Maps.

I believe there are also reports that Wave Started/Ended Event kismet nodes are not functioning properly for BossWave in Endless so it might be good to investigate that as well just in case
Put in the demand.

Lovely, what do we explode first? - Myn Donos


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 16, 2019
Delta69er;n2319048 said:
Do you think you could highlight the current state of the following requests (having something like a trello might also be good). I added what I could from mentioned comments (if I forgot anything please add it it/mention it).

Denied | Investigating | Planned | Implemented

Documentation and Communication
-Centralized and Updated SDK Documentation
-Community Contributions to SDK Wiki
-Landscape Requirements - what is causing Checkered Material when using the provided Landscape MIC
-Documentation on Animation Pipeline
-Additional Documentation in Src - particularly for KFPerk
-Additional Kismet Node Documentation
-Future mentions in the changelog details for refactored Variables/Functions (ie providing BossIndex and bGoToBossCameraOnDeath in GameInfo)

-SDK Crash on Initial Custom Mesh Placement
-SDK Crash on LOD removal
-SDK Crash on Foliage Tool for Splat and Shadows/Light Maps
-Unable to Load Objects from Cache
-Timeout on Workshop Item Downloading in game
-Ambient Sound Actors play through one channel with Spatialized set to True
-A bug to do with AkSounds

-Modify Soundtrack per map - missing track bug playing nothing
-Spine Loft Actors display incorrectly
-Grey Scale Projections for Coloured Lighting from Texture
-Mask Materials not working properly with Precomputed Lighting
-Streaming Levels displayed incorrectly while located in Cache

Feature Requests
-Custom Map Previews
-Providing Sound/AkBank Manifests
- I know this was mentioned that it was removed because of 'Unreleased Content', but so much other stuff gets left in the SDK and mined through the src and steam achievments that it kinda seems pointless​
- It would also be good to have some power of the current AkAmbientSounds as we can't modify any of their values either.​

-Additional GameInfo and Mutator Hooks
-Code Review for KFPerk to be more accessible for Modders
-Providing GUI/HUD Elements to be Modified
-Image Based Reflections
-Scene Capture Cubemap Actor support for DX11
-Lightmass/Photon Mapping
-Additional support for custom materials for Landscape Tool
-Screen Door Fade
-Kismet Node for returning Game Mode being played for Endless mode integration in Holdout Maps
thank you now i think we can try it