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Assortment of nice additions


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Oct 21, 2009
A few ideas I would like to see added in, A way of turning on/off all taverns and training. it be comes imposable to manage on huge levels.
A home icon to get back to main base. more zoom out and maybe some sort of popup mini map just to click roughly the position you want to go.

I know this is quite a few things and there are only 2 devs, but I thought I'd list them anyway.

What do you guys think, like these? have other ideas?
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May 4, 2011
Turning off all taverns sound like a good addition -- will write it down to the list of things to patch in!

It might be hard figuring out since you must read the codex, but F1 actually teleports you to your base! =)

We looked at adding a minimap previously, but the main issue is that the playfield is so huge that it's hard to represent it properly. In games where the map is made in advance, they can just render a little image of it, but we can't since every game is different, and constantly changing! If one pixel were to represent one square in T-Hardcore, the map would be larger than 1000x1000 on the screen! We could shrink this to something more reasonable, say 100x100, but then one pixel would represent a hundred squares, and that's bad in a different sense =P

Favourite icons might help you move around a bit! It's pretty helpful to use those on Diggers that venture far out to get good minerals, and on Warriors you want to power level. Hmm... I might add an option to adjust the max zoom-out levels! The lock that's in now is because weaker computers would choke if zoomed out further.

Thanks for the input; it's always welcome! :D
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I have bought the demo, and plan on buying the game as soon as I can figure out to how to pay for it (long story short, I can't myself make online purchases), so I don't know if this is already in-game:

How about making the contents of caves visible when you press 'look around' at the end of a game? I'm always curious as to what was there, so I feel that'd be a nice touch :D
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