Armored Assault Pack 2 Release and Trailer

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May 12, 2015
is there gonna be RO3? Or a new DLC? I've been playing RO2 since it came out. And I had a lot of fun. But now even with the RO2RS, there still not too many maps and weapons to choose. You guys did a real good job on making this game. And I know KL2 is the main goal right now, by the way I'm gonna buy it. Just wondering when you guys finished KL2, are you guys gonna work on RO2/RO3 perhaps?

G-fan 27

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Feb 7, 2014
im fairly certain that they havent abandoned ro2/rs yet.

Right now whats happening is there is alot of demand coming from kf2 on the dev team so thats taking priority right now.

I think what will happen is that as kf2 gets to official release they will start focusing on ro2 more.

Even with that still though i do see this getting treated as third priority with the list of priorities being this:

1) KF2
2) RS2
3) RO2/RS

Really thats just how things work, unfortunately it seems like rising storm is getting this sh!t end of the stick here because from what im observing, ro2 is getting the most patches even despite rising storm clearly being the lacking of the 2 with content.

What i hope to happen is that once they get alot of stuff squared away with kf2 they start focusing on the rising storm(s) a little bit more. To me ro2 is 4 years old and it might be time to start allocating more reasources from it to beef up rising storm and then rising storm 2.