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AP or HE?


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Dec 29, 2005
New York, USA
axhat said:
AP is pretty self explanatory, but when do I want to use HE? After I've damaged the armor? , or only on soft targets?


the HE rounds are way too weak IMO. they need to be amplified greatly for a more realistic impact upon the infantry targets. I put 3 HE rounds alomost right on top of this russian ATR guy, and he lived.
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Jan 16, 2006
D3terioNation said:
When the reload system is fixed, firing HE rounds at infantry will become quite common. Unlike now, where I will not bother wasting an AP round to kill an individual.

Atm you'd be mad to unload an AP round for an HE round, just to kill a 1 or 2 humans :rolleyes:

Especially since we got Co-Axial MGs now :)
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Nov 21, 2005
WTF are you guys talking about, the HE rounds rock.

You have to know where to aim, of course, don't aim directly at the infantry, but at crap over their heads (especiall if they are hiding behind hills, ala konigsplatz)

And of course if they're on flatland, just shoot next to them or at their feet.
And it's great for long range bombardment. Sometimes I sit for minutes, blasting Germans as they run over Siegessaule. Usually the rounds kill 2 or 3 with one shot.
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Nov 21, 2005
worluk said:
2 HE on a PIV and its dead (and no it wasnt damaged unless some funny pak decided to damage it in the spawn)
sometimes one is sufficient. I blew away a Pz IV with the IS-2's 122 mm HE round on Barashka. I will admit it was a fairly close range shot though. I was on the allied side of the bridge and it was about half way across it. As an added bonus though I managed to get Kraut infantry man that was hiding behing one of the over-turned vehicles. =D
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Dec 19, 2005
futurenhler said:
What about the APCR
im not sure what tank it is in though
APCR stands for armour-piercing, composite rigid. To quote wikipedia "The APCR projectile is a core of a high-density hard material such as tungsten carbide surrounded by a full bore shell of a lighter material (e.g. an aluminium alloy)." Essentially it's a specialised anti-tank round, with a higher penetration than standard AP. It was relatively rare round since it was expensive and used rare materials. I believe the devs gave it to the pz3 to balance out the game, otherwise the pz3 wouldn't stand much of a chance against the T34.
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Mar 21, 2006
[5.SS] Herr Hut said:
The HE rounds are very useful if you're using the SU76 especially, because the thing reloads so fast. It is one of my favorite things to sit back on Rakowice and support the russian troops as they take the perimeter defenses. Make some germans disintegrate :)

Same thing with the Stug. Because it changes rounds so fast it makes for a great support. Also on maps with nice tall wheat, you can hide that Stug real well. Even had one occasion a ruskie with that PTRD planted himself right in front of me. He was sniping my teamates, so I egressed real fast and pistol whipped him :) I still don't get how he didn't notice my rounds flying over his head :rolleyes:
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