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Animation of tactical run


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Mar 22, 2023
We all love the game KF2, many people like it because of the cool shooting and huge hordes of zombies that we effectively and beautifully kill, as you know, there is a change in the animations of weapon ownership in the game depending on the talents that we have chosen and it is sad that these changes do not change the animation when the character runs, the way he does not change it holds, but it would be reasonable to finish this game aspect and an example of this, I would like to draw attention to tactical running from cod warzone games, I think this is a very interesting solution for the development of the game not only in cosmetic matters but also in animation, for example, special forces have a talent for tactical running and was it would be cool if he held his submachine guns in one hand while moving fast with a talent for tactical running and so on, I ask if you are interested in this, help me bring this to the development team by publicity, thank you!!


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