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An introduction and my first map


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 25, 2017
First of all hi, my name is Sam aka WaffleTap. i'm a novice (as best) around here and want to try my hand at map making. I dabbled a little during the day of Call of Duty: United Offensive with novice maps. Im looking to get back into it again.

This is my first time using the UDK, and first time mapping in a long time. ive got to grips with the basics quite quickly and put together my own interpretation of a map from the game Vietcong, called Radio Relay the only way in and out is by helicopter. A brutal map where you did not stay alive long and cursed like anything. I thought it'd be a good starting point as in my mind its not to complex. ill link some images at the bottom. The map would require team work, smoke and covering fire from the VC to make it up the hill to the base. The VC spawn on all side of the base and strike from all sides.

The idea is the US will defend the relay station and the VC try to capture it. the original game had a mode where the VC would plant an explosive on the radio to win once it blew. I'm unsure on how to set the game type for this version though, my idea was to have one point that can be captured by the VC, once held for so long will trigger them winning.

The map has a long way to go in my mind, and i have zero idea if it would play well. but like i said, using it as a start point.

Ive found this site and Discord to be a valuable resource!



FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 9, 2017
I suggest you use a file host other than photobucket when posting images on 3rd party sites.


Also, really nice work for a novice. It's a very streamlined map.

Zachery Moe

FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 30, 2017
Vermont, USA
Looks pretty cool. I never played Vietcong, so I'd love to get a look at its map through the perspective of more modern graphics. When you have some complete versions for us, make sure to post them in the modding Discord so we can upload them to our servers.