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Ammo types


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 18, 2009
-Explosive Bolts: Pretty simple. Would only be able to carry 20 or 25. They would arc and not fly very far. The scope would be detached when the crossbow is in this mode.

-Hardened slugs: For shotguns. Longer range, and more damage per capita than a single piece of shot. Super-strong in the hunting shotgun. Carry same amount of them.

-Molotov cocktails: Come on, you know you want them. Oh so badly. Should be affected by the firebug perk.

-.357 rounds: For the Desert Eagle. Right now the handcannon innaccurately displays 8 rounds per clip. Making no sense as .50AE deagles only come in 7 round clips, and loading that extra bullet everytime would require more work than just jamming it into the clip. So .357 rounds which have more stopping power overall, but less cut through every enemy penetration. Extra round per clip. Nice trade off. Also .357 is much more accurate than .50AE as it has less recoil and more stability. (.50AE is made in a third-world country practically.)

-Also, I think the chainsaw should require ammo. Probably along the same terms as the flamethrow, three barrels. But it should last consideradly longer than the flamethrower. Probably 3 to 4 times as long. Chainsaw is just cheap sometimes.