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Ambient mission (timed limit random event), Dangerous Objects, multiple Save slots.

genesis llamado

FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 17, 2019
Ambient missions
Garbage Vehicle dumping trash in the water
mission objective - stop the vehicle from further throwing trash in the water by destroying the vehicle.
limitations - cant be destroyed by small and medium shark .

Hazard Boat in the water
mission objective - halt further chemical waste containers to be thrown in the water by destroying the boat but be careful the boat is armored and has a 3 gun(silenced) armed contractor.
a total of 4 chemical waste containers will be dropped below the boat. once all 4 containers have been dispatch the mission is over.
limitations - cant be destroyed by a small and medium shark.

Hunter's Prey
mission objective- stop the hunters from successfully getting the bounty out of the water and inside their boat.
if u are fast u can see them harpooning or trying to net their bounty ( dolphin ,shark, croc, whale ) the second phase will be for them to pull it towards the boat.
once their bounty have been taken out of the water the mission is over.

successfully halting the progress of those events will reward your shark.
5-10 minutes is a good duration(time limit) before the mission to be over.

Dangerous objects
PLASTICS = can tangle a shark to death. instant death to small shark, a medium shark needs to press 4 random combination of key to escape( example up , down ,left , left click mouse )
large shark needs only 2 key combination to escape. mega shark needs 1key input.
after 4 seconds or wrong input of key the shark will be locked to death. an animation of a short failed struggle will be triggered( a short representation of what a plastic can do on a water creature)
plastics will spawn on a random area and has a limited amount. maybe max cap of 12 ?
plastics are a bit camouflage on water (transparent) and medium sized.

Chemical Waste Containers = instant death to small shark when eaten, medium and large shark takes poison damage and needs to eat a clean food to stop the poison.
will spawn on a random area and has a limited amount.

mutated sharks can learn a passive skill that gains exp from the chemical waste.
mega shark can have a passive skill poison immunity.

mission and location tracker - sharks have strong senses
2 or 3 save slots for different profiles
pause menu.