KF Altering the Menu

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Nov 11, 2013
Hi guys,

So I've been trying to play around with the GUI in KF, I want to see if I can redesign the menus.

The Intro graphics and things are simple, just a case of replacing them with a new image in the intro.rom.

How would you go about altering the menus in KF such as Designs etc.?

For example, KF's main menu, you have:

Killing floor logo top left, then text below with menu links:

Host Game

DLC images below that

KF Specimins to the right of the screen

How would you edit that menu? I thought it would be a case of the menu.rom but it doesn't appear to have any impact on the game if its edited or not.

I figure it will require some system file editing, any idea which ones?

Like I say this is just a mini project of mine to learn more about the Unreal Engine.

Thank you