All quiet on the eastern front

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 10, 2009
Burning rubble of Koenigsberg
A bit of "whining". If you aren't in the mood, just skip.

Here is a recap of my efforts this night, 45 minutes of play.
Usually i play longer than 45 minutes but this time i had to quit, in rage and despair :eek:

<start of whining>

- CommissarsHouse
Playing Soviets as a single bolt rifleman.

Everyone who left spawn 1 on the left flank, through a window, for a whole round got an headshot. Just headshots. So i tried my luck on the right flank, spawning at number 2. There is an open field to cross. Since everyone is a damn Vassily, i tried to cross far away from the front line, as far as i could without getting the warning for leaving the battlefield. I used walls and buildings for cover. Still, i got killed from a 1 mile away.

Again headshots. It was so funny, in a frustrating way, that i started to record stats about standard kills and headshots kills. Of 19 respawns, in two rounds, i've been killed by headshots 14 times, every time from long distances - checked with the deathcam...yeah, it was active and I was on a realism server. Sure it wasn't realistic. It was just ridiculous and frustrating.

While waiting for respawn, saw a close encounter between a german with an MP40 and two comrades. The german sprayed around, he was like 10 meters away from the soviets. And yet the two comrades died by headshots (!). Aimbots? I don't know. Yet, on that server, Punkbuster was active at level Medium.

Top moment: I was REALLY surprised when i met a german at very close range and he MISSED me. "Wtf?! How is it possible?". I felt like this guy was my brother, just enrolled with the "fascists".

- RedOctoberFactory
Playing Soviets as a combat engineer.

Again, i've been killed a fair number of times, 18 in two rounds. 11 by MGs firing just one or a few shots, probably all 11 by AI but can't be sure about that. Those MGs are just incredible. They could see you prone under a wagon, while on a side approach, well hidden, in the dark, at 150 meters of distance.

Luckily I destroyed a pair of tanks flanking big time and exploiting territory - if you try a semi direct approach you have no chance, smoke or not: AI see through smoke? Guess so.
I was just lucky cause those tanks were standing a tad too near to the Soviet lines so i had a relatively short trip to get there.

Top moment: I came close to a third tank, i was behind it. It started to move away so i ran after it to keep myself at throwing distance. When i tossed the satchel it glued to the air, not at the tank (!). The satchel just levitated mid air exploding there while the tank was going forward. Just one second later i was headshotted by an MP40 very far, near the german spawn.

At the very same moment I had to admit to myself that RO2 is not for me, not now at least. Not the kind of game I enjoy.
It's just too different from Ostfront as gameplay. In a way that i don't like. And too frustrating. And too glitched.

<end of whining>

But i don't give up, yet: the game has a lot of potential and i'll try it again in a few weeks when bug will be hopefully fixed, gameplay will be refined and maybe new maps and mods/muttaors will be avalaible.
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Sir Roderick

FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 19, 2011
Belgium, Limburg
That Commisar's House spawn really is terrible. I've had the entire Sovjet team getting pinned there more times than I like to remember.

As for reamism servers, I've also noticed some servers that are advertised as realism actually have most of the realism stuff turned off. I find that irritating. I have 4 servers in my favourites now which are proper, full realism with good occupation, I'm never starved for a good game now.