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All My Data was Erased. I Want it Back.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 19, 2016
I just got on the game after a 2 day haitus and my character progress is gone. I was a level 13 commando and now it's all just erased. My appearance and customization for my character along with the rewards I've gotten while playing are still there, but everything else is not. Can anyone help?


Tripwire Interactive Staff
Nov 17, 2016
There's a known visual issue where perk levels will appear to be wiped but will return to normal after joining another match. If this persists, some say rebuilding your database through the safe boot options will alleviate this issue. If your save data was truly erased due to a save data corruption there should have been a notification message displayed at the point in which it happened saying as much also letting you know that it will restore the save from the latest backup save on your hard drive. Do you remember if this was the case and can you give me any additional information surrounding when this happened to you? Any additional details will help us to track this issue down.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 19, 2019
Yeah this game is worthless, erase my data or did or what who knows, this long and they done nothing to fix it, getting my lawyer involved at this point, false product server worthless junk ass game.