Airgonauts needs help!!

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Hello, Isaak Johnson here with an announcement on the behalf of another excelent and creative mod in need of help.

In the very same "Make somthing Unreal" contest Red Orchestra was entered in, another game saw success in its award of third place. This other mod was Air Buccaneers by Ludocraft.

This mod was somthing great and unique and saw some success, but not as much as it should have seen. It depicted a world where the warriors took to the seven skies instead of the seven seas and battled it out with sword and flint among the clouds.

The site is at:

Currently the game itself is in working condition at version 1.6, but it is still FAR from finished. But now Ludocraft has stopped development on Air Buccaneers, and its community is dwindeling and hanging on by a thread only because of their pure devotion to the game. The Air Buccaneers community has done much to try and improve the situation to no avail, from mensioning the game here in our own Red Orchestra forums to creating a good amount of custom content for the game, none of which brought in enough interest to the game.

But now a portion of the community has broken off to finish what Ludocraft has started, they have created Airgonauts and now they need your help.

Their site is at:

Take hold of my word, if your finding ANY interest what-so-ever then I suggest you move on over to the Air Buccaneers home page and download the old mod, see how the game is played and how you can be a baron of the skies, and then move your support over to and help us complete the wonderful world Ludocraft started.

(I will bump this thread if it reaches the second page, they need support and I'm going to do what I can to help them out, even if it means a little double posting now and then. But so my thread bumping wont be irritating, I'll provide new information about the old mod Air Buccaneers and the development of the new Airgonauts.)

Thank you for your time.
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Just performing your friendly neighborhood bump with a little more info on the Airgonauts project.

The Airgonauts forums are starting to get a little more active, I hope that many of you who looked at this topic previously had a visit, hopefully some of you may have downloaded the old Air Buccaneers mod and had a go at it, It's great fun I'm telling you.

New information, the new Airgonauts project is going to be running on the Ogre engine, I dont know much about it, but if you have some experience with it you will be most welcome to contribute to the project if you want to get your hands dirty.

Also there has been much more completed content than I previously expected, they allready have various core elements completed but they are still in the development stage. You can also find some nice content renders in the forums.

Also, Airgonauts will have a different design than Air Buccaneers did. Unlike Air Buccaneers, which featured magic fires of some sort, Airgonauts will feature more of a steampunk styled world, featuring steam engines and steam cannons.

They are currently in need of people who can create textures and audio content, along with various other items. If your interested please visit the Airgonauts forums and ask how you can help out.


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Nov 26, 2005
Just like to stepping here to say it really is a fantastic mod and i have no doubt Airgonauts will be excellent. So any modders help it be excellent quicker!:p
Just another friendly thread bump.

Not much news this time, Airgonaughts is slowly moving up to speed, another couple of guys joined the forum, I'm finding out a little more about the Ogre engine that they are planing on using. A few different things going on.

But the Airgonaughts community still needs more help, if you are at all interested, please download and try out the old Air Buccaneers mod, if you enjoy it, then stop by the Aurgonauts forum to give some support for this project.