After four hours of play.

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 16, 2015
I must say that I am really enjoying the game! I love the gun play, of course actually loading the mags would be ideal but the feel of the guns are great. I am enjoying the story mode as well and you guys put some nice work into this!

one thing I do not enjoy is attaching forward movement to the HMD instead of the direction your off hand is facing (like onward). its more comfortable moving around and looking around when your not being pulled in the direction your looking. but that can always be patched in as an option :)

now for the begging ...

I am assuming you guys( T.W.) have played this game and came to the exact conclusion I did........ it MUST be made into a true killing floor game. killing floor 2 VR !!! i mean ..... seriously... tweak the full locomotion a bit more to the onward style ( less nausea and more forgiving when looking around) then add the KF2 maps, horde mode with perks and 5 player coop ( or even 4)

TRUST ME you would have the number one VR game if you did that. I know VR is low numbers right now but if you put the effort into porting KF2 into this as a mode or even DLC it would be the most amazing VR game out there hands down and would put KF:I as a must by for every current and new VR player for a long time. Now i know that the cost to do this would not be trivial but it should still be considered.

PLEASE add KF2 mode !!!! i wish I had the funds to pay you to do it because i would if i could.

thanks for the work you have done thus far!
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 17, 2017
I have to agree, add a horde mode with a few maps and a 4 players coop and it will be a must have VR game !! :)