Accuracy needs to be reduced on ALL the weapons ingame

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 19, 2011
When shooting an assault rifle that is roughly capable to 1.5MOA I can reliably (nearly 100%, with iron sights) hit a human head at 150 meters in a non-stressing environment. That is pretty much the far limit for my skills. And by most measures I am a good shot. Some are better than me, most worse. That is 1.5 MOA of the rifle combined with my own human error. If I am tired (sleep deprived, exhausted, ...) or otherwise not well composed (like scared for my life in battle) my accuracy drops off instantly and a lot.
[This is with magazine rested on the ground & prone. I suppose it would be same as supported prone in game. With standing position accuracy is much reduced from that.]

Added to the matter is mechanical accuracy of weapons and quality of ammunition produced in desperate war time, 1.5 MOA willl be impossible to achieve with most weapons in the game( maybe counting out the hand selected sniper rifles).
Mm, what about changing targets? Like when someone suddenly pops up to your left at, say, 150m? And how long will it take to change te target and take a proper aim?

p.s. Is it that easy to hold 4kg 0.74m long mosin nagant rifle standing, for hours?
p.p.s. Weapon sway in game is easily corrected by mouse. Can you do it as easily IRL?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 15, 2011
About me: I shoot 3 gun competitively (thus I know more or less the times and distances), and have done that for nearly ten years. I shoot in standard class which means iron sights only. I also do whole bunch of things related to guns, including training their use.

If I have two targets at 25 meters side by side in front of me, and I have decided how I will switch the targets in between shots it will take about half a second between shots. For people who train less only controlling recoil makes it .5-1 seconds between shots on a single target at that range (I can get two shots hitting under .2 seconds). So I would think it is in the class of 1 sec or more from shot to shot switching targets at that range for average soldier. For 90 degree turn add maybe one second. 25m is the maximum range I can hit reliably when moving, and that is with slow fire. For fast movement and firing 10-15m is about the upper limit.

At 50 meters hitting requires more time. And I rarely shoot unsupported standing at 50m because I can not guarantee reliable torso/half torso hits at that range in any reasonable time.

If a target pops up 150 on my side, I will not most likely see it at all. If I see it, it will take already one second to register in my brain (quite universal time for humans .75-1 seconds). From there on I will ponder same amount of time about what to do with it, and some time to change my position to engage the target. I would say 3-5 seconds would be pretty much optimal, but it could be much more.

How long can I keep up the gun? I did once a stage with a 6kg (short carbine with drum mag) shooting standing & moving (maybe 30 meters in three short sprints) that lasted 90 seconds. I was totally exhausted after that ninety seconds and holding the gun in my hands, nevermind aiming it, was difficult. (Part of this is lack of oxygen as I was firing and trying to hold my breath, but this corresponds with the game mechanics of holding breath)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 22, 2006
Ideally, freeaim was suppose to simulate this. Because in old school FPS, center of screen is where your gun is pointed at. With freeaim, your view and aim can differ a bit, making it harder to hipfire and so on. Right now, I think when you ADS, it ignores previous freeaim direction and brings your gun straight into center of the screen and hence people are making strange snap shots at short ranges (this is kind of like RO1 exploit where when you come out of sprint your gun was always dead center, which allowed players to hipfire accurately and bypass freeaim).

If what I think is right, then simply fixing this transition from hipfire to ADS to maintain the freeaim's direction would require most people to take few split moments to adjust while they ADS.

This is basically the problem. This lengthy debate and charade of personal attacks is missing the point.