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Apr 7, 2021
I’m purchasing Day One Maneater on PS4 to upgrade on PS5, however I’m concerned on a number of issues the game currently has and wondered if you can tell me the following:

1. Has the lock on feature been implemented or improved?

2. Has camera bugs been fixed?

3. Have saving bugs been fixed?

4. Have the cumbersome controls been improved instead of mashing R2?

5. Any good tit bits about the expansion coming in the summer?

My disc arrives tomorrow and would like to get these answers answered ASAP. Thank you.


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Staff member
Oct 10, 2005
1) This system has not been changed at this time
2) We are aware of one rare bug where the camera can get stuck in the shark mouth, but it is fairly rare and can be cleared by traveling to a grotto
3) We have fixed many saving bugs, however there are some rare ones that are lingering and we are still investigating and working to provide a fix once we nail down why they happen to the players that they do happen to
4) Controls have not been changed, if you are mashing R2, you are not playing the game optimally
5) All the latest news can be found here in the news section of the forums. https://forums.tripwireinteractive....eater-truth-quest-coming-this-summer.2337224/