A Man-Eater, Killing Floor 2 crossover update?

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Sep 9, 2018
With the hype for the new Maneater DLC coming out this Summer, it's make me think... Will there be a Maneater crossover themed update coming to Killing Floor 2 sometime in the future? I mean, there are plenty of KF2 references in Maneater. Such as: the Horizne skyscraper in the city in the background, the clown skin of the alpha clots during the Summer event, and even the faces of some of the characters faces/head being in an easter egg collectable that can be discovered.

Like maybe have a map that takes place somewhere around Port Clovis and (maybe) have a new objective mode you can do on the map as well, with trying to feed the shark to help it mutate over the waves. I dunno, just throwing some ideas at the wall to see what sticks.