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50-Player Servers Moved


Machete Engineering.
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Oct 10, 2005
50-Player Servers Moved

Due to the server host shuffling their data-center around here in Atlanta, 4 of the 50-player servers have changed IP addresses - our own and the TWB machines. Not a problem for finding them in the server browser, but for those who like to connect directly, the NEW IP details are listed below (and click on CONNECT NOW beside each one to launch Steam, fire up RO and auto-connect directly to that server):

TWB's "Old Glory" East Coast 50 Player Server - CONNECT NOW

TWI Dev's Fallen Heroes 24/7 50 Players!!! - CONNECT NOW

TWB's "Dark Oasis" East Coast 50 Player Mare Nostrum Server - CONNECT NOW

TWB's "Red Dawn" 2.0 East US Darkest Hour 50 Player - CONNECT NOW