20th Panzer-Grenadier Division

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Nov 12, 2007
The 20th is not dead. We are just going through our 5th and final leadership change.

New CO's: Obergefreiter Kurz and Gefreiter Gottshalk
Website: www.20-PzGr-Div.com

As of right now, we are greatly weakened from our former days. But are beginning to make steady progress from the disaster of the week previous. As of right now we are cleaning up our forums and changing our mission statement, goals, and rules.

We have begun open recruitment, looking for a few go soldiers of the Reich (or a few more then a few :) ) to help us rebuild our once proud unit.

For those former members that happen to come upon this thread. Come back, you know myself and Kurz and know that we won't be leaving like the others.

Some information, the 20th took part in the invasion of Poland and France. In June of 1941 it joined Operation Barbarossa under Army Group Center. In September it was transferred to Army Group North, and it spent most of 1942 on the Volkhov Front . In December it was transferred back to Army Group South for the relief attempt at the battle of Velikiye Luki. In July of 1943 it was redesignated as 20th Panzergrenadier Division; by that time it had been given an StuG battalion to support its infantry. It remained on the Eastern Front for the remainder of the war, switched frequently between army groups in the role of a mechanized "fire brigade", and ended the war fighting along the Oder River in Silesia.

The purpose of the thread is to let everyone know we are still alive and to announce our recruitment. In the coming days we will make a new and improved recruitment thread worthy of our new 20th.

Gott mit uns, mein Kamraden,

Gefreiter Wilhelm Gottschalk