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2019 Feedback


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 5, 2018
Hi there,

Just a quick feedback on some stuff added last year.

* Really like the new maps, they are the best of the best maps of the game so far (Ashwood Asylum, Steam Fortress, Spillway, Sanitarium). They fit the game play perfectly. Still waiting for some vertical maps. Some have z-axis bugs.
* Glock and Mozin weapons are very fun to play.

- HRG weapons should not have their weapon models borrowed from other already existing weapons in the game.
- HRG Nailgun's noise is an annoyance.
- Hemoclobber is doing a tad bit too much damage and should be a survivalist only weapon.
- The light saber (ion thruster) feel out of place and is too strong, it's noise is also an annoyance.

The berzerker's design is problematic, the strategy of a team often evolves around having me at front tanking. Doesn't matter how many scrakes or fleshpounds are coming I can stay at the same place while dealing good damage without consuming ammo :p. This is very boring when 5 players are behind me and I don't move much. Game is supposed to favor kiting and moving around smartly. This encouraging players to play the game in a way it wasn't meant to be played (camping), reninfocring this behavior and making them waiting for you to play this way.

As a Berzerker I should have a choice between damage or resistance, and in any case I should not be allowed to stay in one spot tanking anything coming at me, otherwise then people are gonna be waiting for me to do so.

I bought the game for one of my friends a few weeks ago, we were playing a 4 man HoE game and he and another of the team members died, 1 commando survived. As a zerk i solo'ed the boss (Matriarch) and we won the match. I remember his reaction, he said it was really dumb that i could solo the boss, especially continuously at melee range, defeating the purpose of a team. Well he is not wrong in many ways, I stayed at melee range of the Matriarch while the others had to run for their lives (and also get ammo).

Everything is wrong with the zerk sadly, I run faster than anyone, I regen health, my weapons are melting anything in a couple of hits (most often 1...), I can kill many Zeds at once with one horizontal blow (so Zeds can't surround me), I have grenades to save, I run fast in Zed time, I tank like no other perks... I don't need more than 1 weapon, I mean there IS a design problem and my friend was right.

It's getting to the point that new players are finding it stupid. And it's an annoyance to have a zerk if you want some challenging games (unless it's me playing the zerk :p)
I was talking with mates on Discord, some considered a plugin to autokick Berzerker in a couple of our HoE servers.

Cheers guys. Merry Christmas.