[Game] 2008: What game are you looking forward to?

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2008: What game are you looking forward to?

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 10, 2007
I dont care for any 2008 game.

I'll be playing BF2 and RO untill BF3 and RO2 are released, most likely in 2009...


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 19, 2007

Looks like Red Storm made Vegas and a bunch of console titles, too.

I know what you mean, though. It seems that 2003 was the "turning point" of Red Storm's independence. So Red Storm developing the next "Ghost Recon" doesn't mean much, unfortunately.
Wiki is bs sometimes, Redstorm didn't have anything to do with Vegas. The last games they made was AA True soldiers.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 18, 2006
Just heared about Dead Island. Looks very promising.

Ultra-realistic combat
- Intense and amazingly realistic hand-to-hand combat based on dynamic character moves and camera angles
- Realistic physical reactions of opponents to hits
- Exceptionally faithful and detailed damage model, showing damaged skin, muscles and even bones
- Innovative system of targeting and hitting the opponents gives you precise control and a realistic combat feel

Advanced Artificial Life System
- AL system allows you to take advantage of instinctive behaviors of groups and individual opponent
- Living, breathing and dynamically changing ecosystem faced with the destructive influence of a spreading epidemic
- Realistic and spontaneous NPC behavior
- Through your actions, actively influence NPC reactions

Non-linear gameplay
- Explore a vast, open world of a tropical island, on foot or in vehicles
- Freedom of choosing your allies and completing tasks that bring you closer to the finale
- Player decisions influence the way in which the game progresses, making it a multi-threaded story

Hyper Interactive Environment
- The ability to use all elements of the environment as weapons
- A liquid, gas and electricity physics simulation system, which allows you to create your own unique ways of eliminating enemies


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2005
Vienna, Austria
Damn I want BF:BC so badly :(
And why didn't they make it for PC, it would've been just as great.

From the games above, how I currently feel about them(1 being the game I want most):
1.0) Assassins Creed
1.1) Rainbow Six Vegas 2
1.2) War Leaders
2) Far Cry 2
3) Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway
4) Left 4 Dead
5) Fallout 3
5) Alan Wake
6) Splinter Cell Conviction
6) OFP2
7) ArmA2
8) Mercaneries 2
9) Spore
10) Empire: Total War
11) Starcraft


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 11, 2007
the only one i will get for sure is RO2, maybe arma2/ofp2

and probably socom confrontation for ps3


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 20, 2006
Montreal Quebec
Starcraft 2... but knowing blizzard... I am ready to bet that it will come out sometime 2009 if not later...

And it will be the most perfect strategy game that will be played past 6 years after release...

I am looking forward to play left4dead...
I want a "somewhat perfect" and brutally fun zombie blasting game.