1.3 CTB Update Feedback.

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Feb 20, 2019
Here are my thoughts on the latest CTB branch.

First off, I believe giving the M16 too the other two Southern factions is a very negative thing, both historically and gameplay wise. It removes the uniqueness of both southern factions. Especially for ARVN, since they are the less equipped faction. This change removes a big difference between the 3, and really removes the point of having different factions in the first place. It is especially historically problematic for the Australian faction, who only issued the M16 to scouts and section leaders. There was nothing wrong with the two factions before, and since AMG intends to buff the underperforming Australian weapons, there is no real need for this change.

Another change that will very negatively impact the game is giving the US Army rifleman early war in campaign. No other faction gets the M16 early war. If only the US Army gets the M16, then it will become the dominant pick early war, removing a lot of campaign's variety. I personally believe the M16 should remain a specialist weapon early war. Giving it to any factions rifleman is a poor idea. Especially only one factions.

I must say I am a big fan of the changes to viewmodels in this update. They look a lot cleaner overall. They remind me of the early versions of the rs2 viewmodels and that is a good thing. I never enjoyed having weapons pressed up against my face and this is a very positive change for me, thanks TWI/AMG!

However, a negative change in this update is the new way sniper scopes are handled. The original sniper scopes from launch were fine, there was no reason to decrease them to what they were prior to 1.3. However, the new scopes from 1.3 are in my opinion much too close to the screen. They take up way too much of the screen. I think most of the community would agree with me that the scopes should be reverted to the original launch version.

Also, the option to change the MN91/30's reticule is a very good one, and would work well with the original scopes. Also giving it as an option satisfies everyone. Nice one.

I have noticed the new American Tigerstripe camouflage, but unfortunately I am somewhat disappointed. It seems to glow, similarly to the original American helmet textures. This makes it seem very bright compared to the ARVN tigerstripe. It also does not match the tigerstripe boonie hat.

Also, there is a lack of a rolled variant for the tigerstripe. I understand the absence of torn or flak jacket tigers, but I don't really see why a rolled sleeve variant isn't in game. I'm sure most of the high level players would agree that rolled sleeves are a very good cosmetic item, and personally I would like to see a variant of the new tiger tunic with rolled sleeves. Hopefully this is only a temporary thing, perhaps the rolled is unfinished, as with the very bright tone of the tunic in general. i am unsure of the unlock of tiger stripes, but I am hoping they are both level 99 unlocks.
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Oct 10, 2005
Thank you for the detailed feedback and reasoning. Let us know if you have anything to add!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 7, 2018
I totally agree that the sniper scopes are definitely too close to screen in 1.3.